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"You kiss me, I kill you," I muttered darkly, smiling at Taehyung. He looked at me dead in my eyes before capturing my lips in his. His hands were roaming around my body as he kissed me more passionately than before. I pressed the knife to his chest. Little drops of blood oozed out but Taehyung was hardly moving away from me. "Aria," I heard Mina yell behind me. I knew what I was doing so, did he? I could not bring myself to put more pressure when his blood stained my fingers. He pushed me more into him, kissing me all he likes. The blood oozed out rapidly because of him pulling me close to him. It was making a puddle as they slipped more vigorously. He should have pulled away but he was enjoying. He was using it against me. I pulled away from him and saw his grey shirt stained with his blood. This was our love. Rebellious untamed LOVE. Story of Dr Lee Aria and Kim Taehyung. An arranged wedding tale that turned out to be the most exquisite kind of love, obsession, passion, possessiveness, and pain that existed in mankind. Review ejfnkvjaile Author nim you should meet up with the directors of 'Harry Potter' This book SERIOUSLY needs a movie series of its own Riadubey I am obsessed with your writing. A_M_H_666 I LOVE IT!! I KID YOU NOT WHEN I SAY THAT I AM OFFICIALLY ADDICTED!! YOU ARE A FABULOUS WRITER!! And GOOD GOD I adore your descriptions! They are phenomenal! ThatGirl_Alana I personally think that Aria is the best character I have read about. she is not like any main lead who is extra sensitive. She is just so sassy and savage. I love her Suzzanejena28 As I've always said Aria is the most charismatic Yn I've ever known. Her attitude, the way her aura demands attention. I just love her so much. Let's see the journey of Mr Arrogant and Ms Stubborn where there is hate, jealousy, possessiveness and pure love. #2 in jerk Winner in Best Female Protoganist, conducted by Eternity Awards.


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by Astraeasky