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By ihaneulee
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"I've stared at you enough, haven't I? But you, your body, it makes me want to do all kinds of sinful things to you. Before long, I imagine us going at it like bunnies in the storage room, but I control myself. Good things come with time, after all, and I can be a patient man when it comes to love. When it comes to you." ♛ A classic meet-cute begins a twisted mix of infatuation and control, in which a simple crush on Naomi Yamamoto turns into something much more sinister. Taehyung must tread the thin line between the two to possess what is rightfully his. PSYCHO AU. Based on the Netflix TV/book series, "You". ❌This story has violence, sex, language, and other mature themes. Read at your own discretion.❌ ♛ Cover by @romanhobi! Check out her cover shop! ♛ Started ~ Feb. 10, 2020 Ended ~ Highest rankings: #215 on horror out of 162k stories #74 on kth out of 3.9k stories #23 on psycho out of 9.1k stories #13 on btstaehyung #106 on taehyung 1st place in the Silver Wings Awards 2nd place in The Fire Awards

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by ihaneulee