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  • Little Stark (A Tony Stark Daughter Fan fiction)
    563K 11.8K 53

    Monica Marie Stark. More commonly known as Tony Stark's Kid, or the Nerd, Know-It-All would work too, as well as The Weird Kid. Monica attends a public high school in Malibu, California she is exceptionally smart but doesn't try. She wants to be normal. Her driving force behind all of her actions is to not stick out...

  • Mischief's Princess - Avengers [Loki] FanFic
    799K 22.9K 36

    Sequel to The Impossible Mission. Cover found on Tumblr - No copyright infringement intended. When Loki turns up unexpectedly after 12 months of absence, Ava is pretty...well....surprised. She is even more surprised when he asks her to go back to Asgard with him. Ava agrees to go with him on the condition that she ca...

  • The Impossible Mission (Avengers - [Loki] FanFic)
    981K 27.7K 18

    Whilst in combat in the US Army, Ava Richards stormed a terrorist base which contained chemically manipulated gas with extreme side effects; in Ava's case, the gas altered her brain, giving her telepathic abilities to speak without moving her lips, read minds, move objects without touching them and outright destroy pe...