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  • Summer Peak Series: Cantaloupe Dreams
    18 6 2

    soon. ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ "position and titles may fade but the way you treat others, will always be remembered." The truth about reality is very visible to Melon's life, he knew that everything that he'll do will always end up into something that is not good in the eyes of many. But what if, unexpectedly, a day will come where a r...

  • Euphoric Lullaby : A Chapbook (Poetry)
    1.5K 241 32

    A small collection of poems about a love that could not come to be, and the emotions resulting from it. Thank you for taking the time to read them 🙏🏼

  • One Last Wish- Complete
    722K 29.2K 46

    WATTYS 2020 WINNER FOR HISTORICAL FICTION Ako si Catalina, nagmahal, nasaktan, humiling kay Tala at sumubok muli. Ang buhay ay mapaglaro at tinatawanan ako ng kapalaran sa aking piniling daan. Ang umibig ba ng tapat ay ganito kasakit? Ako ay susuko na ngunit sa aking pagsuko ako ay tumingin sa Tala sa huling pagkaka...

  • The Start of the World
    4K 176 32

    (Imperium Saga, Book 1) Know your enemy before you pull the trigger. Edith Stewart just wanted a simple life with her family. But, thanks to her twisted society, her plans were forced to change. Being randomly selected to be the test subject of a dangerous experiment wasn't her idea of a simple life, but refusing to c...

    Completed   Mature
  • Summer Camp (Completed)
    36.1K 1.5K 11

    Summer ang best time para kay Legs, pero biglang magkakaroon ng problema ang paborito niyang panahon ng mapasali sila ng mga kaibigan niya sa Summer Camp. Magiging masaya pa rin kaya ang Summer niya o magiging disaster? SUMMER CAMP - Prequel of Star Cinema, Star Creatives and iWantTFC's tara G

  • Temptation of Faith ⋮ ᴏɴ ʜᴏʟᴅ ⋮
    86.5K 5.6K 21

    Highest Ranks #27 Action #1 Cross #18 Faith #1 Loser #19 Anime #6 Rival #1 Darkside #73 Action-romance #18 BTS #5 OneTrueLove #2 Defeat #1 Shinobi Si Ayuzawa Misaki ang tagapagmana sa trono ng pamumuno ng samahanang binuo ng kanilang angkan, ang Darkside. Binubuo ito ng mga secret intelli...

  • Oddinary
    467 28 9

    After Felix discovers that his friends has gone missing after a few days, he stumbled upon a place called "Ordinary" however the people who are inside are not his real friends. Things took a turn when when they act strange and menacing towards him, will Felix finds his real friends?

  • The Manservant
    169 61 7

    Following his master's disappearance, Devlin, a boy blessed with great power, is destined to change the course of a wicked kingdom. The first thing he must face to change the dismal future is to stop the cruel and egotistical Prince Peter, the rising merciless ruler that will bring a tremendous storm of grief and an u...

  • Book 1: A Meme Threaderist
    2.8K 1.5K 53

    Love in Chat Series #1: [✅] Facebook to Messenger. ❇❇❇ Austrian Juxe Montecelio is a male rp'ier who is known for his shared post memes. He's been longing for that one girl who can complete his rpw experience. Until one day, that unexpected unknown girl suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Will Juxe take this chance to...

  • The Story Of "OURS"
    2.8K 44 11

    I wrote my own version of TFBBAM Para sa mga hindi pa nakakapagbasa nang official TFBBAM. Sorry kung may mga naiinis dahil ginaya ko ang story ni @blue_maiden @blue_maiden ?? Sorry po.....

    13.8K 426 30

    TOP 9 na tayo nga beshies!! The Tien Costo and Micael Mys Constancia Story "Babe. " Narinig ko ulit na bulong niya sa akin kasabay ng malalambot na bagay na umaangkin sa aking labi. Hindi ko siya kayang tanggihan. Hindi ako bihasa sa ganitong mga bagay. Siya ang kaunaunahang lalaking umangkin sa labi ko ng ganit...

  • Falling For Him
    3.4M 148K 38

    "What's wrong?" He asked softly, grabbing Kai's arm and preventing him from running away again. "N-nothing." Kai whispered looking down at his shoes. Nicolas lifted Kai's chin and looked into his black eyes with a soft look. "I know something is wrong. Tell me." He coaxed moving his hand from Kai's chin to cup his che...

  • Sindak: Addiction
    2K 88 13

    [Sindak Collection] [Completed]

    205 93 8

    "Hanggang kamatayan ang ating pag-iibigan."

    Completed   Mature
    563 122 23

    A compilation of one shot stories.

  • Memories (High School Series #1)
    28 2 4

    Nag mula sa isang masaganang buhay si Ara o mas kilala bilang Amora Ziora Alcantara nag iisang anak ng Alcantara isang sikat na pamilya, Dumating ang kinakatakot nitong pag-dadaanan sa buhay ang pag-subok kaibigan at ang mahal nito ang nagiging kapitan nito, ngunit isang malaking problema ni Amora ang hindi agad masul...

  • BEST of Wattpad Stories (Collection)
    5.7K 42 135

    A Compilation of My BEST of Favorite Wattpad Stories. Just wanna share!

  • Espresso Love
    8.4K 632 13

    HIGHEST RATING: #66 in Short Story Annabelle lives inside the comfortable walls of a coffeeshop's corner booth. Maverick strives to bring adventure and excitement to every aspect of his life, even his father's office. So what happens when Maverick "accidentally" takes Annabelle's coffee, and they start trading jokes?

  • Seksyon 2-C
    1.7K 504 35

    Naging isang palaisipan para kay Vynette Nadia ang biglaang pagkamatay ng kanyang kakambal. Naisipang pumasok ni Vynette Nadia Aranda sa paaralang Gehanna State University sa pag aakalang narito ang pumatay sa kanyang kakambal na si Vivana Naira Camero. Sa pagpasok niya sa Unibersidad ay magugulantang ang lahat mara...

  • Lavender Book Awards - April 2021 (CLOSED!)
    2.6K 280 7

    TAGALOG AND ENGLISH STORIES ARE ACCEPTED!! (•) Open (✓) Judging (•) Close Welcome to Lavender Book Awards! This award is here to help those talented yet, undiscovered writers. "If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." --Toni Morrison Disclaimer: The Lavender Boo...

  • Shipwrecked Hearts
    1.9M 81.3K 115

    Highest ranks: #1 in Mystery/Thriller #1 in Romance #1 in Adventure #1 in Fantasy #1 in Action #1 in General Fiction #1 in Science Fiction Akira Kara's perfect life fell apart when she discovered that her fiancé wasn't really the man she thought he was. Devastated and broken, Akira was sent away to a cruise in the hop...

  • Deadly Ever After
    1.3M 37.1K 57

    Ever After Trilogy #3 The history of Silician Mafia. It is all fun and games, until they both die.

    Completed   Mature
  • Lovely Ever After
    3.5M 99.7K 71

    Ever After Trilogy #2 Get dressed for revenge. Trust no one but yourself. This is the continuation of a mafia war... and love.

    Completed   Mature
  • Knight in Shining Tuxedo
    1.7M 53.6K 84

    Lucent Lotus Amourteirre has everything worth having. Beauty, character, wealth, and even a notorious mafia. But she lost everything when her mafia was annihilated. From riches to rags. Instead of being killed with her father, she was auctioned to the Black Market. Her charm and alluring face has saved her from death...

  • Only Ever After
    6.9M 196K 65

    Ever After Trilogy #1 This is not your ordinary action-romance story packed with twists. Enjoy the ride while you can.

    Completed   Mature
    3.2M 50.2K 34

    Published under PSICOM Publishing Inc. Available in Shopee and Lazada Price: Php 195 They saying you can never stop yourself from loving someone. It will just happen-no warnings, no precautions. You'll find yourself falling into a trap but you'll like the captivity. A fateful encounter changed everything for Chloe. S...

  • Amidst of Waves and Sunset
    149 10 6

    Leilanie Esquejo is a simple girl but has a high standard in boys. She did not fall in love easily and hard to tame. She is love adviser to her friends even if she doesn't experience it. And then, she joined with her father to go to fish pond and she saw this man called 'Sael' of his co-fishermen. Something unexpec...

    1 0 2