The Start of the Wo...
By Medianoki
  • Science Fiction
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  • dystopian
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  • imperiumsaga
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  • revenge
  • romance
  • science-fantasy
  • texttospeech
  • trust


(Imperium Saga, Book 1) Know your enemy before you pull the trigger. Edith Stewart just wanted a simple life with her family. But, thanks to her twisted society, her plans were forced to change. Being randomly selected to be the test subject of a dangerous experiment wasn't her idea of a simple life, but refusing to cooperate puts the lives of her family in danger. But she was deceived. Her husband and son shot right before her eyes the moment before she's sent forward to a different reality. A future unlike anything she could have ever planned for. The Synthetic Revolution of Life, or the SRL, was the true result of the experiment. Synthetic life, people, have taken her world. It was the creators of the SRL that sent her here, and even though they've all been dead for 177 years, maybe their technology can send her back to before the world ended. Taking a direct stand against the SRL seems like a death sentence, but with the right friends, it's bound to get a little easier.

Chapter 1: Morning, Sunshine

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The Start...
by Medianoki