Knight in Shining T...
By hellocaezar
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Lucent Lotus Amourteirre has everything worth having. Beauty, character, wealth, and even a notorious mafia. But she lost everything when her mafia was annihilated. From riches to rags. Instead of being killed with her father, she was auctioned to the Black Market. Her charm and alluring face has saved her from death, but in exchange of a greater price. Sold to Aiden Raphael Le Michaelis Guillermes for one billion dollar, Lucent decides to use this enigmatic and sexy billionaire for revenge against the people who reduced her to ashes. She will burn her enemy alive and make them pay the price of making an enemy out of her. She will make them face the wrath of a beast. She will bring hell down to their lives. Revenge. Justice. Lucent will do anything just to destroy her enemies, even if it is in exchange of Raphael. Or so she thought.

Knight in Shining Tuxedo

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Knight in...
by hellocaezar