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  • Succession of Kings
    56.4K 1.9K 14

    He woke up one day with a new identity of the ambitious big prince - the king's adopted son. Hey, this is also a cannon fodder, and it is also a villain, to the to the genuine royal blood who is the dual 3S spiritual and physical value brother. Just there to provide experience points for the protagonist. He wanted t...

  • RUYI
    16.1M 509K 137

    How can you lose something you never have? When your own mother poisons you to gain pity from others, how should you feel? Why was I, the youngest, being married off? How could I care about something that was never mine? W...

    Completed   Mature
  • Only Wing [ABO] 只翼ABO
    248K 10.9K 96

    Title: ABO: Only Wing (只翼ABO) Author: Wu Xueming/Zui Hua (吴雪明/罪化) Status: Completed Length: 65 chapters Raw: Editor: drowningAbbys Summary: All three types of intrinsic sex emit a hormonal scent (pheromone), with alpha and omega being stronger and beta being almost indistinguishable. Pheromone not only plays a role...

    Completed   Mature
  • Save Me [BL]
    22.5K 1.1K 8

    Shen Hao is a boy that likes to look at the sea at the horizon on his wheelchair. Wishing that his disease will fade away, he went to the temple to pray. However, he died, being rammed by a truck! He is finally given a chance to change his future by being reborn once again. What's more, he has a companion. A death rea...

  • System: Transcending Happiness (BoyxBoy)
    2M 87.6K 116

    (WARNING: Don't read if you're going to complain there isn't a warning when there's sex, gore, et c. This is a very ADULT novel and as such only ADULTS should read it. Or 'Children' mature enough to read without commenting nonsense.) Jia Yi Ruogang was one of the leading experts in Computer Software, to the extent tha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hua Hua Shijie
    39.2K 1K 4

    When Xiao Shing didn't kill the target, he was chased by his comrades to make him pay for his failure. However destiny appeared itself in front of him and he was given a chance to live a peaceful life again. That's what he thought. He realize he was actually sent back thousand century ago and to make things worse, h...

  • Am I Evil?...
    298K 16.5K 50

    An evil man was executed and seal for eternity. ... 100 years later A young boy was killed as a sacrifice because he was believed to be an omen to his family. His sacrifice released the evil man. The evil man decides to take the boy's place. What will happen to the boy's family. what will the evil man do when he re-co...

  • Wenhe Feng [ BL Story ]
    336K 15.2K 45

    📢ON HIATUS! The two wealthiest family arranged a marriage between a man and a woman. However, the man does not accept the woman to be His bride, only he choose the woman's younger brother to be His Wife. [An Original Story] [Not A Translation]

  • Scent of Cherry Blossoms (Ongoing)
    342K 16.1K 31

    Xiao Ming is the young lord of the Xiao household and his father is the left prime minister of the Red Star Kingdom. He is clever and arrogant with moments of mischiefs. Basically, he is a proud young lord from a noble lineage. However, he has a complex about his feminine appearance. Not only that, he has a condition...

  • A 'phoenix' and a dragon (Boyxboy)
    32.7K 897 9

    A long time ago, two dragons, one a prince and the other a princess, met and fell in love. The princess was already engaged to another dragon and thus married him. Years later, her lover came to her rescue and slew the dragon emperor, claiming both the throne and his lover. Unbeknownst to him at that time, she was wit...

  • Love Is Not Always The Blind One (Teenfic Mpreg)
    44.2K 1.2K 6

    Akira is a sixteen year old boy who grew up with only 4 senses. He grew up in a small warm and loving town where everyone there is like one big family. The town was pieceful until a until a group of yakuza (japanese gangsters) appeared. What will happen when the young boss of the yakuza, Takahiro and the innocent Akir...

  • He was Almost Absorbed by the System
    714K 45.9K 184

    Paralysed from the neck down after a serious accident and unable to pay for full body restoration, Kyan was sent into an Alien Archive to rescue the V.I.P's trapped within it's virtual records. However, unbeknownst to him, he is little more than real life cannon fodder, sent to die, so the V.I.P's could live. Dragge...

  • UNDRESSED BY THE KING (Fantasy-Royalty Romance +18)
    4.2M 147K 70

    "It is a waste of hardness if I'm not going to push it inside you," the King said. Using his deft hands, he traced my waist, found the zipper of my jeans and unzipped it. I was delirious after that. ~ 0 ~ They say mirrors are the door to another realm. For Nicollete, after bringing home an antique mirror from an expe...

    Completed   Mature
  • [BL] DEATHBLADE; The Emperor's Blood Pledged Shadow Guard
    1.2M 69K 86

    ---NOT A TRANSLATION!!!!-- (be aware of this before you proceed and thought of this as a translated novel.) NOT PURE CHINESE k~😌cause I'm not good with Chinese... This is not pure. Note that. The gore of shadows, The blade of death slayed more than enough soul. Each edges is as sharp as the senses of the bloodthi...

  • To be reborn as a General
    573K 22.1K 107

    She's the CEO of the deadliest assassin's company and also renowned as the Empress and Demoness and an expert of getting people to unite making an invincible group.Due to an unknown disease she died at her sleep unknowingly,she woke up and found herself on another body. "Where the hell I am ?!"she looks around and sa...

  • Reincarnation Rules
    14.9K 521 10

    Liana Clark, has died by overwork, absurd right? but yeah! she died because of overwork. when she was given a chance at life again but this time as Lana Chen what would she do if she is clueless about everything around her. From there starts the journey of a rebirth story fan, who actually been reincarnated and ho...

  • [Dreame] Valiant Princess
    1M 41.6K 145

    [This web-novel will be re-published on Dreame starting from 08 February 2019 so Chapter 5 and onwards will only be available on Dreame]. Upon being reborn, she know that she have to change. She have to change so that her family will be saved from the man that she loves. In this lifetime, she'll choose her beloved fam...

  • The Female Bodyguard
    952K 39.1K 49

    "You have to stop doing that." "Stop doing what?" "Saying things that make me want to kiss you when I can't."    Planning to prove all hypocrites wrong, Larissa Fable applied for the job as a royal guard. Little had she foreseen the King's hidden intention in the notification which she had received. Instead of an o...

  • The No-Good Seventh Miss Goes Traveling
    28.6K 1.4K 11

    Other than her name, there is nothing Chinese about Shuang Xiang. As a Chinese-American raised in America since a young age, and one of the core members of the International Mercenary group, Diehard, Shuang Xiang rarely has any connection with her Chinese heritage (the Chinese light novels being shoved into her face b...

  • 'Cannon Fodder Will Rise!'System
    1.7M 76.2K 62

    Yun LiFan who used to look down from the top is now working like a slave just because she was dragged and bounded to this ridiculous system after waking up from her nap! System:[Welcome host!from now on I will be at your service^_^] Yun LiFan:"Welcome your mum!What the hell is this?!" System:[This a 'Cannon Fodder Wil...

  • The Unseen Hand
    340K 18.5K 61

    For years, the faceless terror known as the Hand of Fate has been secretly manipulating the port city of Reyza for her shadowy ends. Those she favors rise in status while those who betray her are never heard from again. When the opportunity to eliminate a powerful dynasty presents itself, the Hand of Fate conspires wi...

  • Mate To The Queen
    1.2M 64.5K 41

    Sequel to Mate Of The Dragon **Cover by SodaliteSilver** Maia, Jaxon, and Kaine: three children borne to the strongest shifters in the world. It is known that one is a wolf, one is a dragon, and one is a hybrid. The children are said to be more powerful than both of their parents-with the right upbringing anyway. Lyza...

  • The Ultimate Trilogy
    1.1M 53.4K 62

    All three books of the Ultimate Trilogy are under here. Book one is complete. Book two is on hold until I rewrite book one in the future. Book three is yet to be written. The synopsis for each book is also found under the chapters titled "Synopsis". This is the story of how a rotten egg leads a young chef to transmig...

  • (On Hold) System: C.H.A.O.S. [BL]
    110K 5.5K 11

    Zach lived his life like a normal human would do. Study, work, have a family, provide for said family, grow old, and accept death. He's not sure of what happens after but he knows he tried his best not to have regrets. After his last breath as Zachary Wilson, he breathed his first as another person to create chaos in...

  • Transmigration Of My Soul {BL}🍂
    224K 11.5K 27

    Evan is a not so bad guy. In the year of 2030, He is a powerful businessman and a mysterious hacker who can do anything he wants. He has enemies to, but he didn't care because he knew no one could reach him, if he himself didn't let them. But even the most powerful man sometimes have weakness and Evan has one to, whom...

  • Marshall, Please Calm Down! (Interstellar)
    117K 3.7K 12

    Title [星际]元帅请淡定 Description A (hikikomori) shut-in technology otaku died in electricity leakage from his keyboard. Upon waking up, he learned that the original owner of his new body had accident because of sadness for not waking up as a Guide that cause his fall to death. He became speechless. "Actually not waking u...

  • Wish Granted
    98.8K 3.6K 22

    Aria Lin was a 24 years old woman. Also an womanizer. One day due to this trait of her's, she was stabbed. The culprit? And ex-girlfriend. "I couldn't have you, nobody can" "That bitch killed me!!" However, what she didn't know was that dying was the start of everything. Now she had to go world after world helping un...

  • Cinderella Rebirth //hiatus
    151K 7.4K 29

    What was happy ever after? What was the ultimate happiness? Cinderella was believed to live happily ever after with her prince charming at the end of the midnight magic. They got married and died still smitten in love. Or so they said. Was it the truth? Oh. It was all a lie. In this world, there was no such thing as l...

  • The Male Concubine 男性的贵妃 (BOYxBOY)
    1.3M 39.8K 59

    A BL fiction about how a boy entered the imperial harem to replace his sister and end up having the Emperor fall for him

    Completed   Mature
    2.5M 78.8K 103

    BOTH STORY AND DISCRIPTION BELONG TO THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR: 梨花烟雨(Li Hua Yan Yu) /Lê Hoa Yên Vũ ______ General Su Yi is knowledgable in both art and war and has both honor and fidelity. His only downfall as a general is the king who he serves. Su Yi has neither food nor finances despite persistent petition to his king. H...

    Completed   Mature