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  • 14 Years Apart
    212K 5.9K 25

    Valentina Isabelle Rose Fuentes is the quiet, shy, outcast at Richmond High School. She keeps her label to hide the truth behind the silence. She goes through more than anyone could've imagined, She comes from a life of abuse, torture, and tears. She's had Jacob as her lifelong bully since elementary; but through all...

  • Left Behind
    82.2K 2.6K 22

    Melody Walker (Rosa Rossi), was loved by her family. Having both her parents and older siblings always caring for her she was always content. Until one day she was left in the hands of the Walker's, her parents leaving her even after hearing her cries for them. The Walker's cared for her as if she was their own. Wi...

  • empty stars
    10.2K 438 17

    "I didn't do it! Oh, wait that... Yes, I did do that" "Ew, people" "We all have stories we'll never tell" "Sarcasm isn't an attitude. It's an art" "The devil and I get along just fine" 15 years old Carmeline has gone through a lot. Her life has never been easy but she never gave up. She kept fighting even when she cou...

  • The Mafia's Daughter
    164K 3.6K 33

    When an orphan girl walks into a crowded bar full of Mafia bosses how will they react. How does the most feared boss in the world react to her presence? What is she doing there? ======================================================================== "I know I'm a handful but that's why you have two hands". "I'm cute...

  • Brotherly Love
    250K 10.6K 45

    'Blood is thicker than water.' A phrase that has been past around throughout the ages, reminding us that familial bonds will always be stronger than the bonds of friendship and dare I say, love. A phrase that was also misquoted. 'The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb." The correct phrase, s...

  • My Baby Boy
    9.6K 137 22

    Ash and Blake live in a world where mdlb and mdlg relationships are a regular thing. I guess you could say Blake is one of those people. Find out what all happens when you read! :)

  • Padded Princess
    156K 2.4K 19

    "I-im Sorry Roman..." "Now now little one... call me Daddy"

  • Come, pet.
    111K 1.3K 9

    Sebastian Clyde is 28 year old with three businesses under his belt. Young but no longer dumb, the dominant owns his family restaurant, his liquor company Bad Dog, and his kink club Naughty Little Things. He's busy with work, going from site to site. But his best friend since middle school, is convinced he's lacking a...

  • The prince's baby boy
    31.4K 538 16

    I always knew I was different than my siblings and that different being is I want to be able to take care of my mates and them to be dependable on me. That's right I prince Blaine Coleman 4th oldest to the former King Noah Coleman is a daddy dom, but I have never had a little as I only want my mate.

  • Mafias Little Boy (Season 1)
    642K 14.4K 80

    When 15 year old Finley Johnson gets stalked and kidnapped by one of the worlds most feared Mafia men and turned into his "little boy" will he accept his fate or fight for his free will. #ageregression #nonsexual

  • My lucky charm
    244K 8.6K 38

    "You're my little Lucky charm" ~Emilio. Emilio is a football captain, Highschool popular, rich, but he's also a daddy dom. Alex is a shy little, an orphan, scholarship kid. He gets bullied by everyone around the school. His life in a foster home isn't much better. They both go to a school for the rich and wealthy...

  • Skinny in Love (Unfinished)
    39.5K 818 7

    Elijah is your average 18 year old kid, he is a secret little boy. He was scrolling through Facebook. His black hair in his eyes, brushing away as he saw the Facebook post. That's when he was opened up, he met someone..... His name was Damien.

  • Daddy's Baby Boy
    63.8K 1K 12

    Alfie a 17 year old boy mysteriously wakes up in a random building, with a diaper. As his new "daddy" walks in, he realises he's gonna have to get used to thinks quickly

    181K 5.3K 20

    ⓦⓐⓡⓝⓘⓝⓖ: This fan fiction may contain offense to some people please don't read ☻Jimin is acting different but what happens when Yoongi realizes but goes and confronts Jimin with the situation☻ ✎contains ◦DDLb ◦Fluff ◦BoyxBoy ↘︎ Cover is made by me and if I have any pictures in my story I made them ...

  • Daddy's kitten
    158K 4K 13

    Chanyeol is boss of biggest mafia in South Korea and has everything. Fancy house, luxury cars and then his brother Sehun bought him a very special gift.

  • Daddy's Chance (bxb/ddlb)
    276K 7.9K 13

    Attention: NOT FOR GRAMMAR FREAKS, I REPEAT, NOT FOR GRAMMAR FREAKS or people who likes to correct mistakes. Sorry but it just ruins my fun to write. ... [A spin off of Finding Love. There's no need to read the first book] Warning: DDLB BOOK! This is a ddlb book. If you don't like this kind of book, don't read it in...

  • Anxiety Attack
    22.3M 838K 58

    In which a girl can't go a day without an anxiety attack and a boy can't go a day without noticing

  • Changed!
    42.6K 1.4K 21

    Sophia Knight is a teenager with a lot of problems. She used to live with her mother and she never knew she had a family. What happens when she meets them when she starts high school? What happens when her brothers find out about what is happening? Wil they save her in time or wil she get tired of waiting to long? Ho...

  • Runaway
    38.5K 615 10

    Idalia has been abused ever since she was 3 years old. When she thought things couldn't get any worse and nothing was going to change, she ran. She ran until she she was safer than ever before. Little did she know, fate had awaited this moment for 10 years... The Morreli Mafia men. Heartless. Cold. Dark. The only ligh...