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  • Wolf Sohma
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    I own none of Fruits basket characters all the credit goes to the producers and creators of the manga and anime. I only own my reader

  • The Selective Mute (Fruits Basket Fanfiction)
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    (Yuki X OC X Kyo) Aimi Honda is Tohru Honda's little sister. She's a kind, hardworking, and cheerful girl like her elder sister, but unlike her sister, Aimi was a selective mute. She only talked to people she trusted, like Tohru, Arisa Uotani, and Saki Hanajima. Aimi loves and cares for Tohru, just as Tohru does her...

  • The Way I Am (Hatori Sohma FanFic)
    21.5K 428 23

    Katherine Honda never thought she would find anyone like her. She was cursed. She was to forever be turned into a tiger when a male hugged her. She would never be able to fall in love. Until she meets the Sohma's. As the Sohma's and Katherine's worlds collided, things started to come together quite nicely.

  • Fruits Basket Imagines
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    "I love you. When did I start to love you so much?" - Kyo Sohma

  • The Red String Of Fate Kyo Sohma X Reader
    28.8K 1.2K 27

    The red thread of fate is said to be an invisible tie that the gods wrap around the Finger of those that are destined to meet one another in a certain situation as they are "their true love". Takes place just after the first half of the 2019 remastered version of fruits basket

  • {Fruits Basket Yuki x Reader} Lion's Chase
    16.6K 350 16

    y/n l/n has been living under the same curse as the sohoma family yet Nobody knows. About the American Zodic that is. there are 12 others like her that are still in America but y/n was the one that moved to Japan.

  • hatori soma | The Snow Shall Melt
    3.5K 113 14

    HATORI SOMA "The snow shall melt. Spring never fails us. Every winter ends, even the most brutal of them all. In winter, we must protect ourselves from the storm. Our bond will surely melt away the cold, our curse. We just have to be strong, and love one another the way Akito doesn't. And if the winter is long...

  • My little sister (Shigure's lil' sis)
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    This is something...? If someone could DM me and refresh my mind that would be great and I will begin editing and writing more for it.

  • The Butterfly~YukixOC
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    The Butterfly of the the Zodiac. She is the official property of Akito Sohma, but her heart belongs to Yuki. Her main goal, to protect her family.

  • anime oneshots ❤︎
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    [SLOOOOW UPDATES] Cute/Romantic moments w/ your favorite people~ DISCLAIMER - I DO NOT DO: SMUT LEMONS LIMES ANGST (deaths, cheating, etc..) I upload when I can •-•

  • Fruits basket one shots
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    You the reader,will be placed in different scenarios with your fruits basket crush.( female reader)

  • Fruits Basket One Shots
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    Basically what the title says. One shots starring all characters in Fruits Basket. I do not own these characters, they all belong to their creator. The media included also belongs to their creators. Girl one shot characters can be requested, but for now, I will only be writing male one shots. Featuring: Kyo Yuki Shigu...

  • Fruits Basket (Hatsuharu x reader)
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    I dont own Fruits Baskets or Hatsuharu or the pic though I wish I did(not the pic well maybe a little)...Anyway enjoy!!

  • Cheap Thrills ▷ Shigure Sohma
    731 25 1

    A one shot based in the amazing world of Fruits Basket. Reader X Shigure Sohma. ©2016-2019 Amelia Mikaelhey. All Rights Reserved

  • Kyo x reader
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    I couldn't find what I wanted to read so I wrote it

  • I Miss Your Ginger Hair... (Fruits Basket)
    236 11 4

    ~I WAS REMINDED BY @fanfic1lover2003 TO WRITE THIS~ Akemi Sohma is just an average 15 year old, starting her first year of high school. Right before the first day, she is sent to live with her cousins, Shigure, Yuki, and Kyo. She was always close with Kyo, but never like this. [THIS IS A REBOOT OF "It Doesn't Matter i...

  • Kyo Sohma x Fox reader
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    Your brother turned you into a fox.

  • Feline Lovin'
    4.2K 106 20

    Angel Ichimako is the new girl in town, to a sense. She had lived under Hatori Sohma's wing for the longest time, after her parents abandoned her for her curse. Will living with Kyo Sohma under Hatori's best friend, Shigure Sohma, cause issues with the family, and will they find out the truth about her? Or can she sli...

    Completed   Mature
  • A transformation of love (Fruits basket x reader)
    128K 3K 31

    FOR FEMALE This story is about how the boys of the sohma family fight for (y/n) but there is a special guest that loves (y/n) too and he give her an option to stay with the sohmas. Who will win (y/n)'s heart? Will (y/n) stay or will she go? So many questions will be answered in this story so read this story to find ou...

  • Fruits Basket
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    Her name was Sakura Honda. Or so everbody thought. She was 6 when the Honda's found her drifting down the river. She is actually a Sohma. Her real name Kaida Sohma. What animal of the Zodiac does she turn into? She is the Lost Sohma. Meaning she can turn into and animal depending on what personality they most match up...

  • Fruits Basket: Shigure x Reader
    3.7K 83 3

    I Love Shigure and I don't see a lot of fanfics of him, so I made one for him This is just a one shot. I hope you all like it.

  • My Alley Cat Kyo X Reader
    10.9K 250 10

    What will happen when you find out kyo's family curse will you except him or shun him away ? Will you cure the curse with love ? And what will Akito do to you when you tell him you love Kyo ? Includes an aftermath short story Completed

  • A Little Zodiac ( A Fruits Basket Fanfic )
    81.5K 1.8K 23

  • Kyo X Neko Reader (fruits basket two-shot)
    4.1K 126 2

    You meet Kyo at school. You take a liking to him just as he does to you. Something seems familiar about him. Will you get close enough for you to figure out each others secrets? And if you do, his will each of you react?

  • Fruits Basket Boyfriend Scenarios
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    Beautiful story, beautiful art, beautiful music, and beautiful characters. So it's only right I do this in honour of them~ Requests are welcome so spew them out!

  • Fruits Basket Boyfriend Scenarios
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    First fruits basket book I'm doing. I hope you like it.

  • Fruits Basket Boyfriend Scenarios
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  • Lets be Together... Always (Fruits Basket ~ Kyo x Reader)
    1.6K 20 14

    In this story, you will be taking the place of Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket, an Anime. This story is about you, yes, you, falling in love with the person on the cover. Kyo. I hope you enjoy this X reader!! See ya! P.S. If you haven't seen the show Fruits Basket or read the manga, you probably shouldn't read this (I...

  • ☆ Fairy Tail x Reader One Shots ☆
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    A series of one-shots and x Readers from the amazing anime Fairy Tail! Feel free to leave suggestions and/or requests in the comments for future one-shots! Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail or any of the characters/plot. Enjoy the fanfiction! ( ^ω^ )♡