The Selective Mute...
By AnimeFoodie
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(Yuki X OC X Kyo) Aimi Honda is Tohru Honda's little sister. She's a kind, hardworking, and cheerful girl like her elder sister, but unlike her sister, Aimi was a selective mute. She only talked to people she trusted, like Tohru, Arisa Uotani, and Saki Hanajima. Aimi loves and cares for Tohru, just as Tohru does her. Aimi was two years old when her father died, but she was with her father when he died. As a child, Aimi was much more outgoing, but after people at school bullied her for many years, without Tohru knowing, she stopped talking. But something that people didn't know was that Aimi was smart. She got into high school a year early, the same year that Tohru was starting. She passed the entrance exam with flying colors. It was easy for her to focus since she didn't talk. Aimi got bullied because of her so called unusual appearance, and her voice, things she couldn't control. She tried to explain herself, but they never listened, they didn't care. They tried finding any excuse to make fun of her. One day, while Tohru and Aimi were exploring the surrounding land around their tent, they run into a house. There they learn that the people who live there are Yuki Sohma, and his cousin, Shigure Sohma. The two boys learn about the girls living situation, and after a landslide ruins their tent, they offer to let the girls live with them, in exchange for their help around the house. Reluctantly, the two girls agree, and on the first day there, a strange man breaks through the ceiling of Aimi and Tohru's new room. This weird boy turns out to be Kyo Sohma. The two boys Kyo and Yuki are strangely drawn to Aimi, and her quiet personality. How will Aimi react to the Sohma family curse? Will Aimi trust the Sohma's enough to talk? And who will truly win her heart in the end, the cat, or the rat? Disclaimer: I don't own Fruits Basket, its characters, or storyline, but I own my OC. Warning: Some Mature themes like swearing, bullying, abuse, etc.

Chapter 1

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The Selec...
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