Fruits Basket One S...
By brokellama
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Basically what the title says. One shots starring all characters in Fruits Basket. I do not own these characters, they all belong to their creator. The media included also belongs to their creators. Girl one shot characters can be requested, but for now, I will only be writing male one shots. Featuring: Kyo Yuki Shigure Hatori Ayame Momiji Hatsuharu Hiro Kureno Ritsu Please enjoy. REQUESTS HAVE REOPENED. THIS IS FOR ANY MALE PERSON EVER, INCLUDING CHARACTERS NOT IN FRUITS BASKET. ONE DIRECTION, 5SOS, OHSHC, SOUL EATER AND OTHERS ARE A FEW EXAMPLES. PLEASE COMMENT YOUR REQUEST SOMEWHERE ON THIS STORY. I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY OTHER REQUESTS MADE ANYWHERE ELSE. NO EXCEPTIONS. Updates every weekend unless specified otherwise on my page.

Kyo Sohma- Love Me

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Fruits Ba...
by brokellama