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  • Isolated (Red Leader x Daughter)
    1.5K 29 20

    It has been 3 years since Tord had led the rebellion to victory. As the new leader of the world, he finally decided to start a family and give his (ungrateful) people an heir. He and his spouse Tom have a daughter they decide to name Thalia. Since then, the new family not only receives threats but, dodges physical thr...

  • Eddsworld AUs Oneshots and Smutshots!!
    26.3K 254 23

    This version of Tordsworld is by me I take requests Believe you me, I will write a smut or oneshot for something other than TomTord or MattEdd for once My apologies, but I wrote a MattEdd smut on my old ass DS last night, so that will be the first one, followed by oneshots Enjoy, my homies!! EDIT, READ: I decided I w...

  • The Yin & Yang of Royalty (TomEdd) Royalty Eddsworld AU
    432 40 6

    Two Kingdoms Tow Kings One Love... (I don't know where this book will go so please bare with me.)

  • TomEdd Pictures/Comics
    109K 2.6K 25

    The art is these are not mine, credit is all given to the real artists.

  • Strings
    691 60 5

    The monster angel AU from the YouTube animation series I made. (Tomedd) Many were confused about the storyline, so, here ya go babies. I will try to keep it entirely accurate to the animations if possible. You will receive a large amount of new information that was never hinted at in the animations. those who haven't...

  • In Love With a Killer (ThomXTodd)
    28.2K 1.3K 12

    Sheriff Thomas Thompson has never been the one for love and settling down. Married to his job, he is one of the most well known bachelors in Spitbucket. When a new stranger comes into town as a bartender - Thompson pays no mind. That is... until the stranger becomes a thought that takes up most of his mind. Falling de...

  • Tomedd One Shots
    35.3K 754 17

    Tomedd one shots (Some may be a 2 parter) There is a few NSFW chapters, But mostly fluff and angst

  • Dear Daughter [TomTord]
    380K 11.4K 42

    It's been 16 years since Tom's fateful decision. Tika is in the care of the Rebellion Base with her two favorite, awesome uncles. She grew up not knowing who her real parents are and her uncles were quick to change the topic every time she brought it up. Even the soldiers around the base knew but wouldn't tell her th...

  • Unfinished Business(TomTord)
    32.9K 1.4K 16

    Sequel to "The Future"! All rights go to the creators of eddsworld! Cover Art: Distorted Vision Edited by: @demon_warlocks

    Completed   Mature
  • The Future (Eddsworld - TomTord Fanfic)
    87.1K 2.9K 23

    The future has come, and like his future self said, Tom has been diagnosed with cancer. Near death, he gets an unexpected visitor... Tord(Now the Red Leader). Reluctant and hostile at first, the two form an unexpected bond. Characters & World Belong to Eddsworld Art is not mine - Artist is Maethorian Edited by @demon...

    Completed   Mature
  • Welcome To the Future (TomTord Fanfiction)
    8.2K 251 27

    Tom was asked by some Red leader to come see him. Tom doesn't know this guy. Wouldn't ever care about this guy either, right? Wrong... Tom finds himself falling for the stupid commie bastard in only a few days, but has some time to make friends and talk to other people before finding out what this so called Red leader...

  • His Favorite [TomTord]
    907K 27.5K 45

    The Red Army has made their move years ago, War raged throughout the world against them. Nothing worked with the combined government powers. They were useless. The Red Army has conquered most of the eastern side of the world, the western side still struggling to remain free. In England, they struggled to keep themselv...

  • Blame It On Me (TomTord)
    89.2K 2.7K 36

    After "The End," Tord has been kicked off the Red Army because he became too weak. Now, he's homeless because of his lack of money and lives in an alleyway. He had anorexia and depression for one year already, but will he re-gain his friends trust after Edd finds him passed out in an alleyway? And fight his depressio...