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  • Twitch and Die!
    10.7K 317 23

    The Company mining town of Thurber, Texas has fallen off the map. Some want to keep it that way. Others seek the truth. But its plague-infected residents have a mind of their own. "Forget emergency landing procedures. When reading Twitch and Die! all one can do is hold on for dear life." "Disguised as double-fisted pu...

  • The Absence of Knowledge
    287K 10K 55

    [2018 Wattys Winner!] It starts small: Just a noise. Just static. Just a small, black, featureless spot in the sky. You put it out of your mind. You go about your day. But something about it stays with you. When you have a spare moment, you listen again. You look again. You wonder. You go to sleep. You go to work. Yo...

  • Wind ✔️
    81.3K 6.5K 31

    •• Wattys 2018 Winner •• Wattpad Featured Story •• One day, a wind blew into the town of Millstone and didn't stop. Slowly people moved away. It was like the town was trying to clear itself out, as though it was preparing for something sinister. When a strange man moves into town and purchases the old abandoned farmho...

  • Stranded - A Pirate's Tale
    48.1K 3.3K 61

    There is nothing worse for a pirate than dying on dry land. Except, maybe, swinging two feet above it. When their captain is imprisoned, facing the gallows, the men and women of the Lady Lesya's crew will try everything to break him out--even if it means fighting guards in ridiculous uniforms, bargaining with overwei...

  • The Dark Angel of Alcatraz (Completed)
    2.3K 275 48

    Elizabeth Oldin is an unhappy wife in 1950's America and wants more for herself and her family. Growing up in a concentration camp in WW2 Europe she fled to America the first chance she had, finding a man that would have her and give her a family, but she cannot overcome her own crippling past. When an unspeakable ev...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Girl From Above
    513K 35.3K 36

    For decades, the city of Amity has been buried under an endless haze of fog. Thousands live beneath the fog line, while the wealthy few reside above in Sky Towers. A playground for the rich, Sky Towers are the only high-rise living accommodations that rise above the fog. But, there are secrets in the towers' depths; s...

  • Dragon Tamer - Book 1
    3.7M 221K 81

    Marcie is an oddity in her village, the daughter of a widower with both village and outsider blood in her veins. She cares for her drunken father, and struggles to fit in with the rest of the village. Everything changes when she comes across two dragons, a mother and her new born, and unwittingly becomes the Tamer of...

  • Sarah Benadine is Dead
    44.1K 3K 66

    The year is 1955, and the death of beloved high school junior Sarah Benadine has left the town of Clearwater, Wisconsin reeling. It seems everyone in town has their own suspicions on what happened to the girl. But when Sarah's eleven-year-old neighbor, Shannon, is attacked by an unknown creature in the night, it beco...

  • The Hand of God
    2.5K 295 46

    She had been trained to use her body as a weapon of coercion. She had been told love wasn't an option. Then she met the prince......and the man who would be her guardian and she realized love and destiny never went hand in hand. As she lay in the arms of the man destined to protect her and bedded the man who would b...

  • Empire of Ashes
    367K 22.8K 100

    [Featured] Lyra is just one in thousands of captives in a war that has raged for generations. Her homeland has been invaded by an ambitious new king, and she has lost everything -- her farm, her family and her will to live. Enslaved and shackled, she is marched off to serve Temris Ragnyrsbane, a ruthless warlord in th...

  • A Dangerous Obsession
    17K 795 22

    Nat is a loyal, loving and devoted wife to her husband, Chris. Every day is a struggle with Schizoaffective Disorder, but she manages to control it. That is, until Chris' sexy but sadistic, Noah, is released from prison and has to live with them for a few months. Unknown to them, Noah had been diagnosed with high tra...

  • Prisoner Six
    169K 9.1K 16

    [WATTYS 2018 LONGLIST | WATTPAD FEATURED STORY] Sam Sterling is the lone commander of a risky space mission. Her task: to take six prisoners to a remote asteroid, Externo, for a life sentence. But Sam's careful plan is disrupted when a meteoroid storm cripples her ship, and requires more than one person to repair...

  • Family Comes First
    19.2M 706K 83

    Juliet was an orphan and never had a family before. She became a stripper and lived a miserable life. That is, until one night when a strange man comes into the strip club and interviews her. Walking home that night, he kidnaps her and brings her home to be his son's wife. Now on an isolated farm, she is brainwashed t...

  • Blind Eyes
    1.2K 146 19

    A town full of hate, sickness, and death. A girl who cannot leave the town. The town is sick. The town is always watching. The town is not as it seems. The town has a truth that is impossible to see until it is much too late.

  • The Thing 2: Infection✔️
    10.3K 704 18

    A Novelization of the 2002 video game The Thing. Captain John Blake of the US Special Forces has fought in nearly every environment on the planet. From running down drug runners in Mexico to kidnappers in South America to Counter-Terrorism ops all over Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, he's seen and done it all. ...

  • The Thing 3: Assimilation✔️
    2.5K 243 15

    Captain J. F. Blake of the US Special Forces has been through a hell almost no one else on the planet has experienced. After a lengthy campaign against the Thing and the insane Colonel Whitley, he is the last man standing. Or so he thought. After the final showdown with Whitley, Blake meets fellow veteran of the Thi...

  • Virus - A Zombie Novel
    213K 10.3K 47

    What would you do if you came home to an empty house, stolen car and dead people in your yard? Alex had to learn by herself how to survive, and then she met Beau and Willow. They introduced her to her new family. Join Alex through the quest of survival, and see her love, hate, lie and laugh. 40 chapters I suggest y...

  • Immune
    143K 10.5K 34

    "I live in a place called Compound 4. We are one of ten different compounds placed at strategic locations around the US. It's been thirteen years since the virus overtook humanity, turning about ninety percent of us into zombies. I'm not sure how it started exactly; that's classified information. I do know that in ord...

  • ✔ Silent Hill: Angel | 🏆 LONGLISTED @OpenNovellaContest 2019
    5.4K 822 29

    Axel, Angel, and Averel Hellwick are on a dangerous journey to search for their parents, whom they completely lost contact with since their departure to the ghost town of Silent Hill. Entering this town is easy. Getting the hell out is the hard part. In Silent Hill, each of the Hellwicks will trigger a nightmare of th...

  • Monster
    195K 11.7K 29

    Set in 1800s' Poland is a tale about a stubborn young woman named Elsa whose father runs a society solely for vampyre hunting. Elsa does not believe in such tales, until she comes across a mysterious man at a ball interested in her mother's old pocket watch... and possibly her blood. When Elsa wakes and finds hersel...

  • Phobia
    6.8K 1K 30

    Five teens. Kidnapped. To live out their worst fears. *** When five teenagers are abducted outside of the local nightclub, it sends shockwaves through the small town of Redstone. How were they taken? Where are they being kept? And most importantly, why? The answer is as simple as it is...

    Completed   Mature