Prisoner Six
By tpinley
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[WATTYS 2018 LONGLIST | WATTPAD FEATURED STORY] Sam Sterling is the lone commander of a risky space mission. Her task: to take six prisoners to a remote asteroid, Externo, for a life sentence. But Sam's careful plan is disrupted when a meteoroid storm cripples her ship, and requires more than one person to repair. To survive, Sam must free Dave--prisoner number six--to help repair the damage before it's too late. With time running out and Externo looming, Sam must decide whether she can trust Dave's tale of innocence, or if her entire mission is a lie... HIGHEST RANKING: #13 in Science Fiction. AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story remains unpublished, and I am currently looking to bring it to a wider audience. I hope you enjoy my space madness! Please leave a comment, vote, or introduce yourself. I'm new to the site and would love to hear from you! Copyright © 2017

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by tpinley