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  • Hating You Sweetly
    5.9M 133K 27

    Laura hated his every move, his every breath and Chris hated Laura with every fiber in his body. So how is it that they find themselves in a heated passionate twist of lust every time they argued? Was this raging fire within them both just a taste of what drives them both towards each other with such madness? Can love...

  • Our hidden Marriage{Completed}
    1.9M 93.3K 35

    Ranking #12. (15 july 2018) A story of two strangers. How they met and how their first meeting ended on marriage? Shahyan Hasham malik was a son of billionaire. He himself was a successful businessman. He was the boy that every girl dream of but what happened when at mid night a girl asked him to marry her?? And if he...

  • Destined To be Yours!
    460K 29.7K 29

    "Sorry I can't marry you ", she said. He looked at her in shock. She had proved that their love was just a false belief. " I am sorry. You can't.. ", she was cut off by him. " GO AWAY! JUST GO AWAY! ",he yelled on top of his lungs. ****************** Join 21 year old Shafaq Aziz and 24 year old Zaid Hussein in thei...

    Completed   Mature
    364K 17K 46

    "Please leave me choro mujhe what have I done leave me " she begged but he didn't leave her hand instead he tightened his grip. " who are you what do you want leave me plzzz I need to go he is waiting for me" she said which only caused him to lose control and he pushed her to the nearby wall caging her . "You belo...

    Completed   Mature
    941K 48.7K 67

    《♡《COMPLETED》♡》 "RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! but mark my words I will find you and I will have no mercy! I will get you back and that day will be last for you! You can not hide from me! I will find you and I will end this! You re only mine! YOU WILL COME BACK TO ME! MARK MY WORDS!" Those were the last words i heard befo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Dream to be loved.{Completed}
    1.6M 73K 28

    Ranked # 7 on 1 March 2018 "Do you Anaya Malik,daughter of Zubair malik accept Kaif Hashim as your husband?" The imam asked and I didn't reply.I was in shock of this turning point of my life. The thought of Kaif Hashim as my husband shivered me. The imam again asked "Do you Anaya malik daughter of zubair malik,accept...

  • Her Arrogant Beast (US#3)
    1.6M 59.7K 36

    (UFW sequel#2) (Unwanted series#3) Ask me. What was my fault in all this? Just this I love him without my knowledge. I fell for him when I knew he could torn me apart. Slowly I felt lightheaded and my head hit the floor where my blood was pooled. My eyes were now completely closed and I heard the loud banging on the...

  • It's Always Been You.
    205K 9K 30

    A story of two individuals who never admitted their feelings for each other Ego, Misunderstanding, Family and Life has kept them apart from each other. ..................................................................................... "Get Out" I shuddered as he takes another step towards me. "Leave me alone, or...

  • Unexpected To Be One
    345K 15.5K 31

    "You know why I married you??!!!!" I asked raising my voice. "Just, just because of Amina Aunty's wish!!!" "Excuse me, Shifa Abdullah, I married you only because of my mom....." he told more louder than me and making me take two steps back,...." we are just two strangers living under the same roof .... and there is no...

  • HIS EVERYTHING (Complete)
    1M 45.9K 38

    CHILDHOOD LOVE SERIES BOOK 1 (Sweet romance ) ASFAND JAHANGIR (age 27) a hard core bussiness man , who loves his doll alot .he cant even see a tear in her eye.what happens, when he will be forced to hurt her? AAMIYA JAHANGIR (age 19) a cute bubbly , loving girl.but she could be a brat also, when she decided to be .l...

    585K 28.8K 60

    COMPLETED!✔🔱✅ "Don't worry little one there is no one here to save you from me, you don't know how desperately I have waited for this moment," he said coming closer to me, his breath fanning my face, I glared at him and looked again for someone around me but couldn't find anyone, I smiled.. looking back to this mo...

  • His Love
    976K 41.5K 49

    He looked into my eyes , piercing through my soul his grey eyes were filled with thousands of emotions that I couldn't seem to put a finger on. "What's your name" he asked me with his dark rough voice sending chills down my spine . He slowly moved towards me. I took few steps back until my back hit the wall. He slow...

    Completed   Mature
  • You are MINE!
    8.3M 313K 65

    The line separating darkness and light is very thin, no one knows when they will stumble upon the other side. The same thing happened to him long ago, an incident and he was dragged into the other side of the world, but instead of being devoured by the darkness, he swallowed it. Ruling over the demons of the society h...

  • Locked Hearts
    345K 18.5K 32

    [The book needed to be heavily edited and I don't have time to do so!! Please bear with me] Alhumdulillah!! #10 in Spiritual (06/12/16) Azreea Hasan the cute innocent young girl, a practicing Muslim, her innocence is her beauty. She was getting ready on the day of her marriage but consequences make the best day of her...

  • HiS HOOR ( Complete)
    1.8M 81.6K 40

    HOOR SIDDIQUI Life has never been easy for me, nor i think it would ever be .after coming to my father 's place, i thought , i will be left alone . But i was wrong .my step mother couldnt bear my presence for long and now i am being married at the age of 18. I cant wish for something good , but i hope that things dont...

    Completed   Mature
  • Vindicta
    4.6M 170K 46

    Highest- #2 in Romance "Aren't you a feisty little thing?" He chuckled. I stopped breathing at the close proximity, my knees turning to jelly. I leaned back as his blue orbs bored into my own. Am I in trouble? ****** Alec Sinclair is the definition of evil. With good looks, he is the typical billionaire right from you...

    Completed   Mature
  • Him And Her [Editing]
    278K 6.4K 24

    They were married. He didn't appreciate it. She didn't either. Hate filled in their minds. Love drained into their hearts. He didn't realise. She refused to realise. A drunken night. A pregnant wife. A frustrated husband. A confused relationship. A perfect ending. Achievements: 15/06/16: #11 in Short Stories 21...

  • Marriage Contract
    652K 17.1K 44

    "If you're a good girl, you'll get some treats, won't you? " A forceful marriage proposal from the famous star?! "If so sign here. Huh, this here? It's a marriage registration form. " Would you enter into a contract marriage to get out a debt of a $500, 000? And it starts from his attractive offer? "Marry me...

  • Liberate You, Liberate Me✔️
    153K 5.1K 45

    After falling victim to a traumatic high school senior prank Libra Jones is more than ready to leave high school and start college. Leaving her small town behind she heads to Columbia College in Chicago, hoping for a fresh start. But instead she has anything but. Dillon Holden used to be the most popular bad boys in h...

  • Bad Boy In Luv || Completed
    16.8M 621K 45

    In which a girl hides a big secret behind those nerd glasses. Credits for the cover goes to @Jiminfication :D Highest rank: #2 in fanfiction (10/30/17) Start: 08/??/15 End: 12/21/15

  • Neighbour || Completed
    6.1M 326K 42

    "Hello neighbour!" She drunkenly smile with her eyes half closed. "Get out of my apartment." Was the first thing that Yoongi told her. Credits for the cover goes to @Jiminfication ❤️ Started: June 14, 2017 End: Sept. 25, 2017 Highest rank: #7 in fanfiction (9/23/17)

  • Nursing The Bad Boy (Completed; Sequel Released)
    2.7M 96.1K 37

    He hissed as the alcohol touched his bleeding wound and he grabbed my hand. His touch ignited a flame and I knew that later I might have to treat myself for burns. "I'm sorry, did that hurt?" I asked, softly. I tried to calm my breathing as I did so, he was so close. The years that I spent staying away from his kind w...

  • My Playboy || Completed
    10.7M 425K 43

    "You will never see me as anything other than a playboy, right?" Started: 12/27/16 Ended: 03/26/17 Highest Rank: #2 in fanfiction (01/04/17) Credits for the cutest ass cover goes to @Jiminfication ❤️

  • Oversized Sweaters [complete]
    334K 10.7K 22

    I tugged the sleeves of my sweater to cover both of my hands, subconsciously as I walked into my dorm room. There was a boy, he looked a little older than me, sitting on the ledge, the same boy I saw earlier, reading his book. One of the windows at the back of the room was opened, letting the air in. It must be his...