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  • The White Lords
    301 13 32

    A journalist works with a secret police officer to restore communication in their oppressed country and reveal the truth about what really happened to the White Lords *** The Lost Group runs on silence. Eden, a journalist for the only newspaper in Anglovia, has devoted the past few years of her life to writing down th...

  • Fall of Heaven
    2.5K 194 15

    || Updates every Weekend || Set in a parallel world filled with ancient Chinese martial arts and demon beasts, the Crown Prince of Heaven is reincarnated into the human realm after being killed by evil incarnate. Armed with both his past and present memories, Zhong Ren sets forth on a path of vengeance for his past li...

  • Crow
    97 6 4

    ⚰in which a boy going insane and a boy overcome with anger need each other.⚰ {boyxboy} {ORIGINAL STORY}

  • The Two Authorities [[ HIATUS ]]
    3.8K 383 29

    ✾Highest Ranking: #73 in Adventure: 12/07/17✾ ✾Highest Ranking: #514 in Fantasy: 11/30/17✾ After humans nearly went extinct at the end of the thirtieth century - and almost took Earth along with them, they were devastated. Fearful. Alone. What should have been the start of their demise became proof of t...

  • Happenstance ⌱ Jim Hopper
    38K 1.5K 11

    "NOW I SEE THIS CLEARLY. MY WHOLE LIFE IS POINTED IN ONE DIRECTION. THERE NEVER HAS BEEN A CHOICE FOR ME." happenstance and inter-dimensions lead to little fun for jodie whittier. she may be the town trouble maker but that doesn't make her crazy. well, crazy enough to take a little kid, that is...