The White Lords
By 10kdays
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A journalist works with a secret police officer to restore communication in their oppressed country and reveal the truth about what really happened to the White Lords *** The Lost Group runs on silence. Eden, a journalist for the only newspaper in Anglovia, has devoted the past few years of her life to writing down the realities she sees. She dreams of meeting the White Lords, immortal beings who supposedly know everything, in the hopes that they could help her speak the truth. However, when she discovers that the Lost Group is hiding a White Lord in its basement, she must work together with Lost Group officer Larkin to convince the Lost Group to change before it destroys itself. With the threat of a revolution hanging in the air, Eden must ask herself what she is willing to lose in order to restore communication. Is freedom is truly the only answer? Genre: Dystopian/fantasy (primarily dystopian, wish that was a category). Will contain violent scenes. Also, some swearing. Still a work in progress, this is more or less my first draft, so expect potential major revisions (especially for the beginning). I am always open to criticism; I will revere you like a god, haha. My editors: QueenOfHeartsx, TheBookofWinchester, Certifiable2000, xtranquilx, voldilocks, SolarW8

Chapter I

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The White...
by 10kdays