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    ➻ WHERE THE HEART LIES || WW2 - Ferdia / Alfred Vikings AU __________ || SUMMARY || Ww2 is on the verge of being over, everything is ruin from the houses to the streets to the hearts of the people... Lena and her brother are nothing more than German P.O.Ws taken to Britain by the British army. There they are expec...

  • The Boy That Lives In My House
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    There's a lot of secrets that live in this house, so many bad things happened that would give you nightmares. After a tragedy that changed the community forever the house was abandoned. Luke is a ghost who is bound to this house he can't leave and he can't move on until he get closure. Now after all this time someon...

  • A New Change (Choi Minho x Reader)
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    Your life is pretty average until Minho becomes your new partner......

  • Rebirth And Will Love You
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    Everyone deserves a second chance. But Xie Li Na certainly knows that she doesn't deserve it. All those mistakes she committed earned a good punishment. And she had received it all. But still, that man's sad eyes makes her feels distressed. 'Shen Yun Tian, this time I will love you. I promise' ...

  • My Possessive Billionaire
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    The man who had everything finally met his match! ENRIQUE MONTEIRO, powerful Brazilian billionaire, got everything he wanted in life. He had the looks, wealth, power and women. He often traveled with his private jet to negotiate business deals, all over the globe. His godly looks and reserved attitude made women chas...

  • Just So You Know, I Love You
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    * Romance winner of the Sunset Awards Ty and June are the best of friends. But what Ty doesn't know is that June has been crushing on him and may even love him ...