The Boy That Lives...
By thebarbiegirl95
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There's a lot of secrets that live in this house, so many bad things happened that would give you nightmares. After a tragedy that changed the community forever the house was abandoned. Luke is a ghost who is bound to this house he can't leave and he can't move on until he get closure. Now after all this time someone is finally moving in. My name is Jess, People think I'm weird I guess because I'm antisocial but if they knew the reason why I am the way I am they would understand . My aunt thought moving to a new town a "fresh start" would be good for me but the new house is super creepy and I feel as if I'm going crazy I swear there's a boy living in this house with us but no one can see him but me.

Chapter 1

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The Boy T...
by thebarbiegirl95