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  • Abused, Mute, and Human
    5.5M 143K 50

    "Head down, ears open. Don't bother anyone, and no one will bother you. Whatever you do, stay quiet. You've done it for 6 years, you can go a year and a half longer," (WARNING: MILD VIOLENCE WILL OCCUR) Amanda lives in the life of luxury...sort of. Her house is a mansion, and stepfather is a doctor. You would think sh...

  • Beaten, Bruised, and Kissed
    201K 7.8K 45

    "Don't let me fall Ryder! Don't let me fall," back then, I had no idea the truth behind that plea. With my feet in his tiny, 5 year old hands, he held on tight. But I fell in a different way. One that doomed me from that day on, and change my life forever. (WARNING! MILD VIOLENCE! MENTIONS SUBJECTS LIKE: DEPRESSI...

  • The One and Only Alpha
    21M 498K 69

    Skylar is just a werewolf who happens to be the daughter of Alpha Greg. Their pack, the Blue Creek Pack, is the second largest and most powerful in the U.S. She has three very overprotective brothers; Carter, Austin, and Spencer. Skylar and Jordan start their first day of school. Little does she know, that she will me...

  • The Hunter's Mate
    1.3M 34.7K 47

    Seven years ago, Ryan's parents were killed by an alpha of the Red Stone Pack. Now she is out for revenge. Along the way she is killing any werewolf she sees but she has met some nice ones. She has met her mate who is an alpha. But the problem is, she is a hunter. Highest Ranking: #152 in Werewolf *cover by: Mayademon...

  • The Underworld Goddess [Paid Story in Dreame]
    4.9M 124K 68

    The Underworld Goddess (Phoenix Series #1) R18 Read at your own risk.

  • Bloodshed For Throne [Paid Story in Dreame]
    2.4M 72.2K 65

    Bloodshed for Throne (Phoenix Series #2) R18 Read at your own risk.

  • Defying Gravity [Paid Story in Dreame]
    606K 19.1K 50

    Defying Gravity (Phoenix Series #3) R18 Read at your own risk.

  • Instant Love {August Alsina Story}
    3.2M 77.3K 76

    This is a story about a girl who grew up at a broken home. Her dad was never there. Her mom was a drug addict and left her just to be with a man that beat and pimp her out for whatever he wanted and her grandma just recently passed. Ever since then Mariah hasn't been the same and has trust issues...until August comes...

    Completed   Mature
  • Scary Facts and Creepy Stories✔
    3.3M 107K 200

    {Highest Rank - #1 in Horror [October 23,2017]} {Highest Rank - #10 in Random [November 21,2017]} COMPLETED✔ [NOT EDITED!] Scary Facts that keeps you up at night wondering Creepy Stories that make you squirm Enjoy;) [Online Facts and Stories] New cover by @MayaDemonAngel xx

  • Hadrian Salazar Riddle - A Harry Potter Fanfiction
    2.5M 77.5K 52

    Harry Potter was supposed to be the golden boy, the savior of the wizarding world. However, Dumbledore's plan started to crumble when the letters were sent and Harry Potter responded like a pureblood would. His plan started to be crushed when Harry Potter showed up at Hogwarts with a venomous magical snake and not loo...

  • Sly as a Fox {Book One}
    506K 21K 56

    Willow's had to fight to get to where she is now. She doesn't need anyone telling her what to do or how to do it. Her life is perfect the way it is, but it's near impossible for her to fulfill her wants of keeping her independent lifestyle. For starters, Willow isn't even human; she's a Volpe (fox-shifter), but being...

  • Instant Love ll: Second Chances {Sequel: August Alsina Story}
    1.8M 47.1K 62

    Two years after her break up with August, she's made big moves. She hasn't been in a realationship because she doesn't want to get hurt again. After everything that went down, she just cut off all communications from people in NOLA. Especially August. Let's see how her life has turned out and let's see where she went...

    Completed   Mature
  • Instant Love III: Always and Forever {Trilogy: August Alsina Story} (Editing)
    1.3M 34K 56

    I'm picking up the book where it left off. You seen how happy they are. Let's see what happens going down this road with August & Mariah All Rights Reserved to ChristinaLaNise ©2014

    Completed   Mature
  • мy мυтed мaтe {COMPLETED}
    1.3M 34.4K 40

    Bliss is an werewolf. She is and average werewolf. Beautiful, smart, tall, skinny but she says the opposite. After her mother dies from a Rogue attack when she tried to protect her. Her father blames her if her mothers death. He beats her and her siblings. After a new pack moved in, Bliss realized the alpha is her ma...

  • Snape's Daughter [1]
    1M 19.1K 26

    SHOUTOUT TO MayaDemonAngel for the absolutely amazing cover! ~~~~~~~~ SUPERGEWORTHY WRITING AHEAD! ~~~~~~~~ To say Lillith Deacon had a hard life would be putting it mildly. Physically and emotionally abused by her father until the point of not talking, Lilly finally decides to run...and for three years nobody has...

  • Harry Potter- One Shots (Smut)
    1.6M 10.1K 34

    Smut! You like reading about sex, fluffy or not. This is the book. Harry Potter Edition. Enjoyyyyy

    Completed   Mature
  • Severus Snape and Violet Marner
    619K 16.7K 65

    Violet has been abused ever since her mother died. But after her father kicks her out she meets Severus Snape, someone who might change her life. And she finds out some things that may also do the same. She might even be family to Harry Potter himself. Disclaimer: I only own Violet and her father. Severus, Harry, and...

  • Mutual Love (Andrew Siwicki)
    617K 18.7K 36

    Natalia Rowen is apart of Shane's squad. She's had a crush on Andrew Siwicki for the longest time but was always too scared to make any moves. Little did she know, he too was longing for her. - creds to @MayaDemonAngel for the cover!

  • Always (Snape X OC) (COMPLETE)
    216K 6.4K 80

    (4 years before Philosopher's Stone) A Young Half-blood witch by the name of Lillius (Lilly) Connell has finally gotten her Hogwarts letter, Though when she arrives at Hogwarts, It isn't at all what she expected. A Powerful force lives Inside her that she must learn to control. Horrors lurk in the corridors and halls...

  • The Mark of a Death Eater
    1.2M 31.2K 42

    "As I have said, this is the Dark Lord's orders-" I detonated. "I'm sorry, what... what are you talking about?" I couldn't breathe. Snape's black eyes narrowed as they bore into mine. "You have to become a death eater." Emma Evergreen is a perfectly ordinary Slytherin girl - mean-spirited, intelligent and amb...

  • Because You Love Me
    710K 24.5K 100

    Alaina Evans was considered dangerous and locked away...until the Death Eaters came for her. She was saved by a stranger, a man her sister knew. On the night Lily and James were killed, she officially became their son's guardian. Alaina would protect him until he got to Hogwarts and after, thanks to an offer to be...

  • aquila ▶ marauders era {EDITING}
    343K 13.6K 30

    ❝ Why do you constantly stand up for him? ❞ ❝ Because Regulus, unless you've suffered brain damage and forgotten, Sirius is family. ❞ or in which family does not necessarily mean blood and she's willing to do anything for those she cares about

  • The Potion Master's Best Friend
    311K 8.7K 32

    Julia Evermore is the lesser-known childhood friend of Severus Snape and Lily Potter at Hogwarts. When she arrived there, Lily left them and she became Severus' sole companion. Their friendship went from strength to strength, until Lily's death. After four years of living as a Muggle, needing to escape the wizarding w...

  • The Rejected Mate {COMPLETED}
    231K 5.7K 29

    Emma is a werewolf. She is the packs punching bag and slave along side with her best friend Hailey. Her pack blames Emma for her parents death when really hunters killed their parents. The hunters were going to kill Emma to if the hunters didn't hear her pack coming. The only reason they stayed with their pack was...

  • The Mark of a Death Eater : Sequel
    291K 8.6K 26

    "What about you, Emma Evergreen. Murderer, betrayer, liar, spy... Where are your loyalties?" After the murder of Albus Dumbledore, Emma Evergreen must return home as a fully fledged member of The Dark Lord's circle. As her trials get harder and she is forced to do acts that goes against her conscience, Emma starts to...

  • To Be Little
    195K 4.2K 11

    Harry Potter was severely abused. He is a little and afraid of what will happen when others find out. Snape is the first to care for him as Harry, not as the Boy Who Lived.

  • sanguine ⏩ sirius black
    230K 8.2K 30

    ❝how is it possible for one person to be that happy all the bloody time?❞ ❝i don't know but Farrah definitely has it down❞

  • Birthright
    269K 9.7K 79

    NOTICE: This is a Severus Snape and Hermione Granger fan fiction. All rights to Harry Potter reside with J.K. Rowlings. This is just for fun and entertainment. Cover created by MayaDemonAngel

    Completed   Mature
  • Last Believer ~Jack Frost x Reader~
    215K 7.6K 23

    15-year-old (y/n) is a loner. She has no family or friends. The only thing she has left is her belief in the guardians. When Jack Frost surprises her, her life will change for the better. Or will it? Guardian, human, or immortal, does it matter? Thank you so much to @mayademonangel for this cover, I'm totally in love...

  • The Sins of a Father
    448K 10.1K 38

    Raven Evans has known only two things about her biological parents. 1) her mother, Lily, died by the hand of a dark wizard and 2) her mother's husband, James Potter was not her father. Now she must grow up in the muggle world knowing that she's different, but once she finds out that Harry Potter is not only a famous...