Because You Love Me
By thegirlwhowrites11
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Alaina Evans was considered dangerous and locked away...until the Death Eaters came for her. She was saved by a stranger, a man her sister knew. On the night Lily and James were killed, she officially became their son's guardian. Alaina would protect him until he got to Hogwarts and after, thanks to an offer to be a professor at the school. It was at Hogwarts that she would run into an old friend, the man that saved her life, Severus Snape. And it becomes clear the more time she spends with him, the more she starts to fall. Will Alaina be able to take care of Harry or will her love for Severus get in the way? Cover by: Mayademonangel

1. There's Something Wrong

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Because Y...
by thegirlwhowrites11