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  • Stupid Deep// Klance Au
    92.3K 3.6K 33

    [COMPLETED] Lances anger flushed away with that smile, Keith's eyes holding deep secrets and soft truths, and Lance wanted to unfold all of it, but he also felt a strong urge to protect him. He blinked, trying to shake the feelings out of his head. But they were already indented in his heart. ~~~~~~~ Keith is a siren...

  • Hot Mess ~Klance Modeling Au
    496K 17.2K 60

    [ COMPLETED] Keith's jaw dropped as his heart stopped. The electricity flowing through him felt like static as he turned to Lance. Lance's arms were around him quick, pulling him close and lifting him up. Keith saw Lance spin him around but he couldn't feel it. He was numb. He felt like he was watching it happen from...

  • Crossing the Rings of Saturn
    270 37 9

    Dani has a plan. He's going to do well in school, help others, take part if school activities and then graduate. Then he can go off to an ivy league and finally work for NASA. No one at school has to know about him, his parents, or what happened two years ago. Then Jace came crashing into his life. After a small inc...

  • (Klance) Like We Were Then
    148K 4.3K 39

    [COMPLETED] Lance and Keith were close as kids. Best friends, almost lovers. But when they are separated as they grow older, they lose feelings for each other and start to battle their own problems. They never forget each other though, and when a miracle occurs, and they are reunited they have to learn to love again...

  • The Cover Shop? [CLOSED]
    2.8K 188 51

    In which I make a few covers, but they suck. Requests, critiques, advice, or just a hello, it's all welcome here!

  • The Storm ~~ A Klance Mermaid AU Fanfic ~~
    12.1K 293 7

    Lance always did what his parents said. He would stay in the cove and follow orders. He only went to the surface when allowed. One day, as he was collecting shells for his mother, a terrible storm struck. Now Lance finds himself injured, and stuck on the surface with a strange boy named Keith. EDIT!!: in the middle of...

  • Ten Feet Tall || Klance
    9.7K 539 17

    ~based off a bomb ass song called Ten Feet Tall by Cavetown~ ~I do not own Voltron~ -I suck at descriptions I am so sorry- Lance has a bad habit of flirting and accidentally lets a nickname slip when talking to the dark haired boy. Keith has a bad habit of putting up a wall and hurts the blue eyed boy's feelings. ...

  • A_A Does an Art (And Maybe Some Updates)
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