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  • Book of Splatoon Manga Memes
    40.3K 616 96

    This is what I do when I'm really bored... Artwork/Characters aren't mine.

  • Im Here With You // short fanfic// Glasses X Goggles
    737 23 3

    "please s-stay... I need you, I love you so much! i-i... I just..."

  • Always Together (A Emperor X Eging Jr Fanfic)
    7.6K 258 10

    Emperor and Eging Jr have been friends since childhood. The two promised to stick together when they were young. However with things changing and problems emerging will they remember to stick together or they be ripped apart?

  • You are not alone
    12.5K 346 35

    This is about how Rider feels about goggles. Goggle has been pretty upset and lonely the past few months. Rider loves everything about goggles and want to tell him how he feels but is just to scared. He gets some help from team blue. Until he fines something heart breaking! Rider promise goggles that nothing will hap...

  • Hold On || Rider x Goggles
    24.8K 714 11

    Splatoon isn't mine The manga characters aren't mine This story contains many depressing thoughts, suicidal thoughts and or actions, and pretty awful name calling. If sensitive, I suggest you just don't read this book. Previous title: Black

  • Splatoon 2 Manga Oneshots
    59.1K 1K 51

    No X readers! Mostly Yaoi though. Requests will not be taken. This will be updated at my speed.

  • Splatoon Oneshots - The Oneshots Game
    48.7K 908 54

    The oneshots game is a game where one person says a one-way or two-way ship, as well as two or one random item(s) depending on which ship format is chosen. Some of these oneshots will fit this format, while others will not. Disclaimers: ▪There will be the occasional grammar or spelling mistake ▪Some characters may be...

  • Goggles x Rider
    133K 2.6K 44

    Don't judge me I was bored ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I'm NO professional writer... please excuse my mistakes. This is rated M but who listens to ratings ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Cover is not by me

  • I'm sorry, my king
    7.7K 194 6

    'Keep it or expose it?, Tell him or not?, Will my king even accept it?, Will he rip me apart?' Prince thought while lying on top of his bed. Holding a photo from himself and his older brother, eyes closed and fadding away from reality. While Prince was lying peacefully on his bed a doubting Emperor sat in the kitchen...

  • A Dead Heart (GogglesXRider) Splatoon Fanfic
    23.3K 545 12

    Hey, do you know that one clumsy, cheerful and dorky inkling that does idiotic things with his team, even during battles and yet, they some how win? Yeah, Goggles and his Teammates Glasses-kun, Headphone-chan and Bobble-chan seem to beat one team after another. From people asking for a battle to S+ jerks (lolol), ther...