A Dead Heart (Goggl...
By MiraiFuture9
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Hey, do you know that one clumsy, cheerful and dorky inkling that does idiotic things with his team, even during battles and yet, they some how win? Yeah, Goggles and his Teammates Glasses-kun, Headphone-chan and Bobble-chan seem to beat one team after another. From people asking for a battle to S+ jerks (lolol), there seems to be almost nothing they can't do. They have many crazy shenanigans that they do in and out of battling, which somehow work when fighting. While there are times where things get tough, a little mixing things can turn the tables. Real quick. One of the most iconic thing about them is that they seem to stay really positive. Especially Bobble-chan, who pretty much smiles maybe even 24/7. How can such inklings be so happy-go-lucky in such tough times? Well, one of these cheerful squids hide a dark secret that has been kept for years now. He never told anyone this, he just couldn't is what he thought. For him, it's like a endless maze, trying to find the way to happiness, but to no avail. At this point in his life, he has to wear his mask almost all the time around others. The pain just wouldn't go away, no matter how hard he tried and he concealed the pain for years. Yet, it seems he can't keep everything bottled up much longer. "I'm done." WARNING: Story will have content that might not be suitable for the young audiences. Will feature: Bad Language Blood (Or ink Whatever Inklings Bleed lol) Cutting Suicide Attempts Emotional Fazes You have been warned!< ||Cover Image not made by me. I only own the edits and text. Some Characters may belong to me, but the rest belong to Nintendo. Images in Book do not belong to me unless said so. ||

Chapter 1 - I'll Keep Smiling

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A Dead He...
by MiraiFuture9