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  • wings | bts v ✧・゚: *
    54.9K 2K 52

    Y/N is thrown (literally) into a new school with cliche mean girls and cute af boys. The secret is that she's a yg trainee who had recently collabed with a very famous idol. She meets this guy whos part of this friend popular group and at first hes a butt nugget, but he becomes friends with Y/N pretty quickly. Will l...

  • When The Rain Falls || BTS || Taehyung
    2.8K 91 18

    "We'll meet again when the rain falls, we always do." [complete] start: 11•22•2017 end: 06•22•2018

  • Number || Kim Taehyung
    15.4K 733 19

    in which you accidentally scratched his car and you left your number on his windscreen wiper. ▪a kim taehyung fanfiction ©-kimballicious 2017

  • Mendacity || KTH
    3.7K 420 50

    Countries' wish have already came true. War has pulverized countries.People then started to rebuild and develop cities instead of countries. New laws were put along with the systems. Taehyung was the Gretch of Bangtan, and she, well could be named as a rouge. After finding her outside the borders, unconscious and sick...

  • Romeo™ √
    11.3K 805 57

    __ oυт oғ no wнere ιn тнe мιddle oғ nιgнт raιn ғallιng oυтѕιde ι goт a мѕg __ "Are you okay?" Started: 2 July, 2018 Ended: 12 July, 2019 @virgo_rulєѕ

  • Virgin. >kth au< -EDITING-
    247K 10.1K 59

    "Just follow my lead, and we'll learn this together." ✔ ©BadBusanBxtchesOnly 2018 Started: 9/21/2018 Ended: 4/24/2019 **🥉3RD PLACE WINNER OF THE ARMY AWARDS 'SOLO TAEHYUNG' CATEGORY** HIGHEST RANKING: #1 in #taetae 💜🐯🔥 #1 in #virginity 💜🐯🔥 #1 in #readerxtaehyung 💜🐯 #1 in #kimtaehyungfanfiction 💜🐯 #1 in #kt...

  • Who You Are || kth (EDITING)
    55.3K 2.3K 42

    -Completed- She confessed to him back in High School, but he rejected her coldly in front of everyone. Now she's grown up to be an aspiring artist that doesn't let anyone know her identity. Now he's grown up to be a CEO of a famous company who recognizes clothing designs, paintings and drawings. What happens when the...

  • A Game We Call Love | kth. ✔︎
    82K 2.6K 33

    "You have to make a girl fall for you but as soon as she says yes to being your girlfriend you have to crush her heart." Jimin said in excitement. Will Taehyung crush Y/N's heart? Or will he have a change of heart? Started: December 16, 2017 Completed: June 25, 2018 Edited: June 28-July 8, 2018

  • Our paper planes
    82.9K 7K 53

    ❝His smile was an Angel in disguise❞ 𝐀 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐭 𝐲𝐞𝐭 𝐝𝐞𝐞𝐩 𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲. When no one was near, when the corridors were dominated by silence, students either heading home or nowhere to be found, he flew me paper planes. Which always gets stuck to my hair. ROMANCE | LOVE STORY | HIGHSCHOOL | FRIENDSHIP | HEART TOU...

  • Snow White In Distress | Taehyung ✓
    62K 3.1K 38

    2.1 | Olivia Knight ran far away from her problems, only to cause more by ending up in the same bed as the sole heir to the throne of Rossa, Kim Taehyung. After all, it couldn't possibly get worse, could it?

  • sticky notes | kim taehyung ✓
    47.5K 2.7K 35

    ❝stop playing hard to get before i kick you in the butt.❞ after a little incident at a local skatepark, kim taehyung has his mind set on winning the heart of his pretty classmate, min soo yeong. © luhanwrites 2019 started: 13 july 2018 ended: 02 february 2019 cover by me. [slowly editing].

  • Grey Skies (BTS Kim Taehyung FF)
    28.8K 1.1K 32

    "Can't you see the grey sky?" "No." He turned his head side ways looking at the girl in confusion. "Take off your glasses, silly." He said. She was quiet. "... I can't." _________________________________________

  • Class 9 (A BTS Taehyung ff)
    20.7K 613 25

    [COMPLETED] He's the captains son. She a class 9 agent. She from a family of legend, he's from a family of honor. The only problem is he's madly in love with her. He somehow manages to open her up, something no one has done before. He brings her out of her shell and discovers a side of her no one has seen before. He w...

  • My Boss(BTS Kim Taehyung ff)
    55.4K 2.3K 54

    "I know every little details about you" He said and smirked. BTS- Kim Taehyung (V) fanfiction

  • Rebellion • KTH ✔️
    121K 6.7K 48

    BTS Royal!AU in which strangers Kim Taehyung and Choi Jae are forced into an arranged marriage by their monarchical parents. In a twist of fate, both teens run away from their respective palaces the night before they're supposed to meet for the first time. Little do they know their paths are destined to collide. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fight Me (BTS Taehyung)
    109K 5.8K 26

    Please don't start reading this, it will leave you heartbroken for sure.

  • It's hard to be a hero (BTS Taehyung)
    399K 20.1K 36

    It's hard to be a hero. It's hard to be a good person.

  • lost • taehyung x reader
    344K 11K 39

    "...I think I lost my way." In which (Y/n) (L/n) gets a new job at BigHit Ent. and tries to maintain her life as the new assistant of BTS. Will (Y/n) be able to balance her job and obstacles, or will she struggle? Will she find love on her path to success? Idk how but this book kinda blew up? Like, the plot doesn't ma...

  • Clarity |
    53.9K 2.8K 46

    "It hurts so much because I fell for you." -Kim Taehyung Kim Taehyung, well-known author in Seoul, SK, visits his best friend Park Jimin in Los Angeles, CA to find a muse for his next bestseller but what he found was more than he expected. **Mature Content (Sexual Content, Adult Language, 18+) **Kim Taehyung Fan Fic...

    Completed   Mature
  • Let Me Know || kth
    51.9K 1.3K 35

    When Yooin and Taehyung start to have mutual feelings towards each other, does it seems as easy as it looks to be together? Can they pass through the obstacles in front of them? Are they able to confess their feelings towards each other with a third person trying to come in between them? 1 | Let Me Know [ kth ] - comp...

  • Girl In Disguise | Kim Taehyung FF
    20.1K 925 35

    [Completed] Summary: You tranfer in an all-boys schools in order to keep an eye on your boyfriend which you have a feeling that he may be cheating on you.Althrough in order for you to do that you have to wear fake glasses,a corset and cut your hair in order to conceal your true identity. But when you arrive at your ne...

  • THE HOODIE || KTH FF [COMPLETED ✅] #Wattys2019
    40.2K 1.8K 54

    "тнe нoodιe- ιт cenтerѕ мe. ιт ĸeepѕ мe calм and υrgeѕ мe тo go on, no naттer нow нard ιт geтѕ." - ĸιм тaeнyυng or ιn wнιcн a gιrl, wнo goeѕ тo a втѕ ғanмeeтιng, loѕeѕ нer вeloved нoodιe, and ғace a ѕerιeѕ oғ υnғorтυnaтe evenтѕ jυѕт тo geт ιт. read deѕcrιpтιon ιnѕιde вooĸ!! ╔═...

  • A summer's dream. ~Taehyung.
    53.6K 5.5K 34

    ~Kim Taehyung is a famous wattpader who writes deep stories. Apart from the fact that he wants to become a famous author and publish his works, he wants to earn money for his lil sister, who's suffering from a heart problem. Yujin, whose life lies in wattpad, gradually starts falling for the wattpader, not knowing the...

  • Just a fangirl || KTH✔
    2.9K 337 50

    Just another fangirl of kim taehyung? Maybe more than a fangirl.The world says,its impossible because an idol can't love his fangirl but taehyung himself made it possible for her. Just taehyung and his twitter babygirl. She makes him happy and he makes her feel safe. They fell deeply in love without thinking about the...

    1K 241 46

    Taehyung: ❝I think I know you!!??❞ ❝N-no we don't know each other❞ __:she said while holding her breathe tightly was hard for her to resist the man of her dream standing before her,staring deeply into her soul!! ❝But I think I do❞_:taehyung said while looking at her face that was now red because of embarrassmen...

    187K 7.6K 52

    V entered show business in order to find his long lost father more easily. His dream was to cure his mother's mental illness she developed since his father left them behind, and bring back the happiness in their family. While doing his best to rebuild his broken family, he didn't realize that he's already being betra...

  • Broken Promises ||Kim TaehyungxReaders||
    5.2K 383 33

    SEQUEL TO "TAEHYUNG MY FAKE BOYFRIEND" (The book has been rewritten now) In the previous book, Scarlett moves to Seoul because of her dad's transfer. Taehyung asked Scarlett to be his fake girlfriend because he wanted to get rid of one girl- Rose. Rose was Taehyung's ex and was in love with him completely. When Taehyu...

  • ✔My Boyfriend is a?!•KTH•
    39.7K 1.3K 32

    Park Y/N is a girl that can see ghost.It happen after she got into an accident when she was 5.Her parents died after that.The fact that she can see ghost made her scared of her life.But after a while she got used to it and lived like all the kids.When she was 17, she went to highschool like all the ordinary kids.One d...

  • LET GO || KTH FF || (Sequel to FOR YOU)
    19K 1K 33

    "Everything gonna be alright. I promise..." -Taehyung- "He promised me. He... make a promise but... he broke it." -Hyerin- *PLEASE READ 'FOR YOU' FIRST BEFORE 'LET GO' 🤗 Start: 11 October 2018 End: 06 February 2019

  • FOR YOU || KTH FF ||
    270K 8.2K 60

    Everything is for you, Everything is alright, Even if there is no answer, Everything is inside your smile. "Ah... Y... yes. Hi, I'm Hyerin." "I'm not a Panda. I'm Park Hyerin. You never called me by name but just Panda all over again." "Couldn't you differentiate a human with an animal?" - PARK HYERIN- "Okay guys, fir...