My Idol
By Taefantasies
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A Kim Taehyung X-reader You sat with a bounce on the bed, a habit you'd had since you were a child. He walked over, and sat next to you. "How long do you plan to stay in Seoul?" He didn't look at you, instead focusing on his hands. You focused on his hands as well. "I'm not sure. I don't have any definite plans. Maybe a month or two, maybe a year." You shrugged. "I guess I'll just see what happens..." He turned his head to glance at you, a lopsided smile appearing on his face as he caught you staring at his hands. "Do you have a reason to go back?" You looked away, feeling your face get warm. "Not really..." You never realized you had a thing for hands. Or maybe it was just his hands... "Good, that'll make it that much easier for me to try and give you a reason to stay." Your eyes met his, and you felt your heartbeat increase as you were reminded of how breathtakingly beautiful he was. He winked at you, and you quickly looked away, deciding the floor was safer to focus on. ~ Amazing Cover by @lorilacy 1st place GOSAwards Kim Taehyung category 3/19/19 3rd place GOSAwards overall 4/14/19 Winner - dreamcatcherawards2019


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My Idol
by Taefantasies