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  • Fairy tail lemons
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    Some of the kinkiest Fairy Tail lemons. With much love from, Lilacbeebo♡ ~I only do Fairy Tail Ship stories from now on. ~ If you want to request a Character X Reader one, go to my other story, 'Fairy Tail Characters X Reader'. Pls & Thx *@ Hiro Mashima owns all the characters, I just own the story lines.*

  • Fairy tail lemons
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    I enjoyed writing lemons when I started but then these same people commented rude things and I got really pissed so I stopped. This book of lemons is obviously going to have sexual content and it has some language. So please, you have been warned so read at your own risk. I also don't do threesomes and I don't do two...

  • The Fairy That Became A Spriggan
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    I am Natsu Dragneel, the former Salamander of Fairy Tail. I left Fairy Tail after Lucy became the most powerful wizard of Fairy Tail. Lucy herself announced that I was kicked out of Team 'Natsu' and it has been renamed as Team 'Lucy.' I was wandering alone in my own darkness. My brother had found me hidden within dark...

  • Fairy Tail Lemons
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  • My stupid luck ..
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    Lucy's gone bad a$$ ! This is Lucy lemons , lien stinglu , rolu, NaLu , gralu, lalu, yup ,

  • She's my Personal Assistant ( A Gruvia Fanfic ) ✓
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    She cares for him.. She loves him... She helps him... She's the one who changed his entire life into a fun one... She's his Personal Assistant... #62 in Fanfiction ♥ (072317) #67 in Fanfiction ♥ (071617) #73 in Fanfiction ♥ (071117) #85 in Fanfiction ♥ (070717) #93 in Fanfiction ♥ (062817) #99 in Fanfictio...

  • The Wolf Beside Me{Fairy Tail}{GaLe}
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    Levy McGarden, the average bookworm, the average teenager. All she wanted was to take a simple stroll through the forest, but from this innocent act brings forth a new and exciting life for the young woman. She discovers things that were only meant to remain inside fairy tales, and yet they become her brand new realit...

  • Safety {GaLe AU}
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    ONE OF MY FIRST STORIES!! BEWARE OF ERRORS!! Levy wakes up not knowing anything that happened. She has bruises, cuts, and scars all over her body. She is alone and confused. Until one special person comes into the picture. Will Levy regain her memories? Will this 'special person' change her life? Find out in Safety ...

  • Little blue (Gale)
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    Levy is having dreams of her past. Her guild mates are concerned that she keeps them in the dark. She finds it strangely easy to talk to Gajeel about it. I don't own FairyTail(if I did all my ships would be canon) This story orbits around Gajevy. But has other ships. Mature language

  • Reversed Past
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    [A remastered version of my deleted book] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm the most powerful Etherious, E.N.D. My purpose is to eliminate my brother. Until then, I have to gain more power. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Etherious Natsu Dragneel was never sealed into his book. Instead, he roamed in the regular wor...

  • The Rebirth of the Fairies [Book 2 of the Dragon Legends Series!]
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    This is the Second book of the The Dragon Legend series. The first fanfiction is Betrayed Dragon. ~~~~ re·birth rēˈbərTH noun 1. the process of being reincarnated or born again. -"the endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth" 2. the action of reappearing or starting to flourish or increase after a decline; reviva...

  • *Please Don't leave* Gale Fan-fic
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        Hello minna~  Akimashite Omedetoo minaa~ <3  hmmmm ~ BTW this is not a Lemon ok.   This is just a short Fan-fic about GALE!     So any GALE fans out there?     nee~ minna a short question from LLaae is coming…   So what will be your Christmas Resolution? Mine w...

  • The Baby - GaLe/Gajevy
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    When Gajeel goes to the door to find a baby at his door step, he freaks out. He doesn't want to touch it in case he hurts the small, innocent child with his big, clumsy hands. There is only one person he thinks can help him. Levy McGarden. Will this experience drive them closer together? Disclaimer: I (unfortunately)...

  • Mating Season, A Sequel
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    This book is a sequel to my other book (Mating Season) in case you can't tell by the title. Hey guys! Wolf is BACK with a brand new Mating a Season sequel with the same same ships plus a few more! All ships are listed below! Not smut! All fluff! -Chendy -ErLu -Canajane -GaLe -Gratsu -Fraxus -Stingue -Yukinerva -Millia...

  • Laki's Cover Shop 2.0 [Closed]
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    Better version of my cover shop! This cover shop is now permanently closed. Cover credits to me! Started :- 14/06/18 Ended :- 03/11/19 [©2018 The_DCruz_Missile]

  • Instagram | Laki Olietta✔
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    Laki Olietta posted a new picture! Laki Olietta started following you! Laki : Yo! Wassup bitch? 😘 Highest Rank : #50 in Non Fiction (Reached on 24/05/17) [©2017 The_DCruz_Missile ]

  • Spriggan Wings || A Zervis Fanfiction
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    Mavis didn't die when she and Zeref committed the ultimate contradiction. In fact, it only strengthened their love. Empress of Alvarez a short while later, Mavis does all she can to hold in the self-inflicted hate she feels for Fairy Tail. After all, her Fairy Wings were tainted the moment she chose to fall for the b...

  • Zervis: A Different Life
    8.6K 181 5

    What if Mavis hadn't died when Zeref kissed her? What would have happened next? My headcanon on what their reunion should have been like. An Alternate timeline. Now an Anthology of inerelating Zervis shorts.

  • Zervis: PURITY (Book 2)
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    A sequel to Zervis: VIRGINITY (Book 1) Mavis' life turns into a living nightmare as her dreams become a reality. The King is back and he is coming for his Queen. Mavis won't go down without a fight. In the battle between love and lust, can Mavis bring the good out of the dark side? Purity here is out of the question.

  • Zodiacs
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    Hey guys!!! I've found many facts and funny things in zodiacs some are very cringy too.. I hope you'll like it!!!!

  • I'm Just Suggesting
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    Second book in the Testing Testing series. The boys have admitted that they love the girls. Do the girls love them? Or will they be rejected like the water from the school water fountain?

  • Myths (NaLu GrUvia JeRza & Gale Fanfiction) UNDER EDIT
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    |UNDER EDITING| All over Magnolia, a few rumors have been on the peoples minds. Ever since multiple people have claimed to see beautiful woman during certain times, a lot of people have tried to find out if the rumors were true. What are the rumors? Well... during the rain you can find a beautiful blue haired woman wa...

  • Testing Testing
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    Once upon a time at an average prep academy The dragon and the princess The streaker and the stalker The bad boy and the bookworm The Prince and the knight All fell in love. A Fairy Tail Nalu, Jerza, Gale, and Gruvia fanfic. If you don't like Fairy Tail, then I don't recommend this book. Enjoy!

  • Fairy Tail High Island Survivng(Fairy Tail Fanfiction, Jerza, Gruvia, Rowen, Gale, Nalu)
    132K 4.4K 15

    I do not own Fairy Tail!! ⬇️ The five new students, Erza, Juvia, Wendy, Levy and Lucy came to Fairy Tail High, what will happen to them? ⬇️ Read to find out ⬇️ Update every Saturday

  • The Dolls We Love (Nalu, Gruvia, Gale, Jerza, Rowen and Miraxus
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    This contains Nalu, Gruvia, Gale, Jerza, Rowen and Miraxus. I don not own Fairy Tail. Please enjoy

  • What am I gonna do? (Fairy Tail fanfic)
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    After the end of the war with Zeref, Fairy Tail holds a party to celebrate. There are a lot of fights, yells, dance, food and booze. The boys get drunk and the girls end up taking them home. But they don't know what will happen at the end of the night. After a month all the girls feel weird. They visit a doctor and f...

  • On the run (complete)
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    This story is a gruvia, Gale, Nalu and Jerza fanfic. What happens when the guild throws a crazy party and the four girls get pregnant? You'll just have to wait and see... Disclaimer: i dont own Fairy Tail or the characters in it but plot is mine, i was inspired by many fanfics and this is my take on it <3 Keep writin...

  • I'm With You [A Jerza Fanfic]
    48.9K 1.4K 28

    Scarlet and Fernandes meeting in an orpahange. Go to schools tegether. Erza gets adopted. She still hopes to see Jellal again. In the age of 16, her parents force her to do something that is against her will. She decides to run away. She soon realizes that she is alone again, like before she went to the orphanage, bef...

  • Fairy Tail: Next Generation
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    Years have passed since the end of the war between the kingdom of Alvarez and the guilds of Fiore. Now, a new generation of fairies have been born!! Join Nashi Dragneel, Storm Fullbuster, Simon Fernandes and their friends in their crazy adventures throughout their lives!! P.S. I do not own Fairy Tail or the pictures...

  • The Pros (and Cons) of Freed Justine's Femininity
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    Laxus has never given too much thought to how pretty Freed is. It was just a natural, obvious thing. Like how the sky is blue and the grass is green. Men would think Freed was a woman, hit on him, and when they found out the truth they would walk away in embarrassment and shame. But this time it was different. This ma...