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  • Shattered Society
    5.6K 475 10

    After XXXXX freed all Monsters from the Underground, Humans were enraged. All the humans screamed for them to be sent back Underground. The Government didn't send them Underground, no they did worst. They tore mothers from children, they tore Monsters apart. Sectioning them by their characteristics, siblings ripped ap...

  • Reunited ties (Dreammare Fanfic)
    571 43 1

    Countless centuries ago, a feud between the two high religions known as the church of the holy trinity and the six deadly sins. The opposition and disagreement started the desolate war, countless events of mindless violence and hate crimes created more piles of bodies than one can count. The list of the dead had beco...

  • It's So Hard To Ignore ((A Dreammare Story))
    35.4K 1.3K 15

    What do you do when you're always in mental pain? When people hate you, hurt you, and want to kill you, where is your sole sense of comfort? Your brother, of course. But what happens when your brother is the most loved person in your universe? Off limits. The only reason you can even talk to him is because you're re...

  • Murder on Sansest Street
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    Hello! This is my first book on wattpad so I hope you enjoy! this idea was from a writer I follow @BubblyShip where a bunch of Sansest writers are in a murder mystery, kinda like clue. -------------------------------- Sancest street wasn't a very popular place, but for an unknown reason the only people who lived there...