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  • Best BTS fan-fictions
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    These are some of the best fanfics related to bts (IN MY OPINION) which I hope you do read it. These are really great. If you know some more good fanfics then please tell me. I would love to read them. Enjoy!!

  • The Outsider. (Bts x reader) SLOW UPDATES.
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    An outsider a stranger invisible to the eye yet is willing to protect you and your dreams from darkness, without a price '' So you do think I'm some sort of monster.'' '' No! it's just when I read about-'' '' Not all books have accurate answers Y/N!'' (Cover does not belong to me! I found it while googling wal...

  • The Long Way Home {BTSxReader}
    7.3K 348 3

    "When I saw you, I believed it was a sign that something new can come into this world." • • • • JohnCarter!AU

  • Reign... Your Story
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    Hi guys! So this story summed up is basically about the show Reign. Except this is about you and Sebastian (Bash), Francis' brother. The really tall, handsome one. He is trying to get over Mary. And in this version, Kenna and him dont get married. So.... Have fun reading! Hope you like it!!! P.S. I take requests and...

  • Redemption
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    The year is 1738, and the Black Death has claimed almost half of the village of Brasov, Romania. While her family believes that she has finally succumbed to the horrendous plague, Amalie Grigorcea awakes to find herself next in line to be placed on a mass funeral pyre. Her relief at being able to escape is short-lived...