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  • Error x Fresh oneshots
    7.6K 362 32

    Fluffs and angst and oneshits, oh my! (Mainly fluffs, I'm sorry I'm best at fluffs. Im second best at angst and I suck at lemons) I dunno if anyone reads the descriptions.. oh well. The canon-ness varies per chapter and sometimes Error will be a more dom type while sometimes Fresh will be. Requests open ;p I love ide...

  • Olvídate de mí || ErrorFresh ||
    9.4K 1.3K 38

    "Sólo bórrame". Error tiene que pedirle algo, sólo para evitar seguir con algo que él mismo empezó. Historia Corta. ErrorFresh Yaoi. Undertale (c) Toby Fox. Error! Sans & Fresh! Sans by CrayonQueen.

  • {My Little Parasite!~}[COMPLETED]
    5.8K 281 10

    Error, a Glitch and the Destroyer of Au's, meets a Certain Skeleton from his Childhood. Determined to help him feel, but instead, he gains feelings for him. Warning: May have lemons or smut, leave if you don't like that stuff.

    Completed   Mature
  • Parasitic Lover (Yandere! Fresh x Error)
    13.1K 627 27

    Finally Giving up on his quest to rid the multiverse of it's Aus, Error decides to just stick to the anti-void to ignore the problems of everyone else and to try and enjoy his solitude (although ultimately failing at this). On the other hand, Fresh has also given up, but not in the same way Error has. He has given up...

    Completed   Mature
  • Different Hearts :Fresh x Error:
    1K 55 3

    Error as a kid never gotten along with his younger brother Fresh, but did get along with his older brother Geno. He always loved playing with Geno, but the lesser Geno was home and more at the hospital, the more Error felt alone. But Fresh was always home as well, meaning as time went on both the boys got closer and E...

  • Loving You!~ [ErrorFresh FanFic] [Finished]
    13.5K 478 10

    This story has NSFW and bad language, if you do not like it please do not read, I will give a warning out when it's an NSFW Chapter.

  • ~*+Exceptions+*~ {ErrorFresh Fic}
    35.3K 1.8K 31

    Error has a few people he really does HATE. Some more than others. Some do peek his interest though. Few people does he actually like. But.. I'm sure he can make one Exception..

  • {Robotic Love! An ErrorFresh story!}
    2.1K 180 16

    A story about where Fresh is a Robot and was created by a Scientist named, Error. Fresh was built by his Creator, Error, a Scientist. He was built because the Glitchy Scientist, wanted someone, that can try his experiments without dying. So he built a Robot and named him, Fresh. He didn't expect to gain feelings for h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Only today. (ErrorFresh)
    333 26 1

    It's valentine's day...And It's a nightmare.

  • The Unexpected Pairing
    3.8K 142 2

    Alrighty. This is going to be a Fallacy x Suave fanfic. If you do not know this, this is Error sans and Fresh sans from Blogthegreatrouge's vampire AU thing on Tumblr. If you're not familiar with this, I suggest you check it out. Whilst she ships paperjam and fresh, I guess I ship them as well, but I do ship error and...

  • Oneshots {requested are open}
    305 11 6

    Hello, fellow readers are you in need of some fluffy one-shots or some angsty stories, Mabey sad ones? Then you came to the right place where almost all ships are! It can have totally random people that don't even know each other and are still shipped, and ect! As long as you give a good explanation to the fandom/ship...

  • My Chaotic Destruction
    4.9K 243 1

    (I do not own this picture, it belongs to it's rightful owner. This is a rewrite of 'You're Not Alone', but because so many people like the old version, I will not be taking it down. My writing style is too different for me to work on the older one, so I'm going to make a new version. Having said that, there are going...

  • Corrupted Love (ErrorFresh)
    104K 3.9K 26

    (Yes, I know this is a weird ship, but bear with me) Error and Fresh hate each other with every fiber of their beings. Fresh is annoying and manipulative, and Error is angry and rude. However, when Blueberry leaves the anti-void and the two are stuck together, they realize that the other may not be as bad as they once...

  • One-Shot's: Sanscest
    16.8K 1.2K 22

    Pos... lo que dice el titulo :v ............... ........ .... .. . Disclaimer: Undertale pertenece a: TobyFox Personajes y universos utilizados sin fines de lucro. Cada uno correspondiente a su respectivo creador.

  • midevil love~ (Error sans x Fresh sans)
    1.3K 51 7

    This is set in the midevil ages where knights and all the other thing were in. Error is king in this and Fresh gets to go to the castle...still working on making descriptions for meh stories.xD i hope you enjoy!:D

  • I Will Never Leave You
    23.4K 1K 7

    ( This wouldn't leave me alone! I'm such trash~ ;^;) (Swap!ErrorxFell!Fresh) (RebootxUnfresh) Reboot (Swap!Error) couldn't take Eraser's (Swap!Ink) harsh words or actions anymore! He thought they could have been friends! All the fighting and abuse was starting to get to him....While Reboot fought to save the Au's, he...

  • Error x Fresh oneshots
    14.7K 259 4

    error x fresh oneshots. YES I SHIP IT LIKE FEDEX #YOLO

  • Love The Parasite (Abandoned)
    5.8K 381 15

    SORRY IM NOT FINISHING THIS IT'S SO BADLY WRITTEN THANK YOU ANYWAY ~~~~~ Error realizes he's absolutely head over heels for Fresh, living renewed in an Undertale universe with TRTL, Sans, Fell, and Papyrus, it gets worse when a shapeshifting monster barges in and starts dating his crush. What will Error do? Probably s...

  • Twisted
    77K 2.9K 12

    (I do not own Undertale or the picture, they belong to their respectful owners.) In this AU, Error never left the Anti-Void. Error never remembered his past or anything before living in the Anti-Void. Only knowing he was a error, what The Voices told him, and how to talk and sleep. He never met Ink, never had the nee...

  • Fluff Collection Of Undertale AU One Shots
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  • You're Not Alone
    90.5K 3.1K 16

    ErrorFresh (yes, I know I'm trash. Sorry for any spelling or grammar errors. Picture is not mine.) Error was tired, and so lonely. The voices could only do so much in till he got angry. And he didn't even want to think of Ink. But when he went to destroy another filthy AU, something already got to it first. And now it...