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  • Foxy raven
    90.2K 1.8K 15

    See what I did there with the title? SOOOO Naru is the new girl at the academy and will be friends with tenten, hinata, kiba, shikamaru, choji and sasuke *cough* "not for long" *cough* sorry about that I have a cold... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • The Library
    380 8 1

    Naruko and Sasuke go on a date together and it's at the library, where they both have fun talking to each other and more so on...

  • Strawberry (femNaruSasu)
    34.5K 1.1K 8

    〝Do you deliberately make yourself smell like strawberries or is it just your natural scent?〞 ... Strawberries. The delicious scent fanned Sasuke's nose every time the gorgeous blonde would pass him in the hallway. A new student he had yet to meet in the proper setting. She didn'...

  • With or Without
    54.5K 901 9

    A sasunaru fanfic, but naruto is a female.

  • Remember Me ║SasuNaru║
    51.9K 1.2K 7

    Sasuke returns to the village after 2 years after killing Orochimaru only to find out that Naru was missing for 2 years. One day on a mission with Team 7, he bumps into a girl that looks exactly like Naru. But there's a twist, she doesn't remember him. What exactly happened two years ago and the Valley of the End? Dis...

  • Don't Leave Me (Naruto)
    55.3K 969 6

    I loved him and he loved me- or I thought he did. He left me without any reason, without any explanation, but what he doesn't know is that I am pregnant with his baby, and I pledge to never let him get near my baby boy.

  • I will protect you no matter what
    163K 5.5K 27

    Female Naruto Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, heiress to both corporations is forced into marrying one of the heir of Uchiha Corp - Uchiha Sasuke, a stuck up brat, a spoilt egotistic snob. They didn't know each other, nor does the stuck up one want to. Naruto wants a friendship even though he doesn't want it, and even thou...

  • NEGLECTED, ABANDONED AND ABUSED (a femnaruto x sasuke fanfiction)
    111K 2.4K 21

    Just like most of all naruto fanfic stories out there, this story has its own similarities. All of them is as follows: 1.) This story is about Naruto getting stronger, smarter and left the village with Kurama along with her friends to get stronger. (Kurama here is also a girl.) 2.) Unlike the original storyline, Some...

  • Secrets we don't tell
    2.6K 76 4

    Hi this is my first story EVER so please don't judge. This is a female Naruto fanfic. This story is about Naruto's life in school and she has many secrets to tell or hide. Little bit of Sasunaru maybe other ships. I don't own the pictures I use in this story just putting that out there. I do not own Naruto Disconti...

  • Season Next Generation
    32.9K 938 12

    where naruto and sasuke are getting married and have a bit of a surprise on the way see how they go through hard ships and everything AND DONT FORGET TO VOT AND COMMENT XD!!!!!! by kyuubiragex from deviantart Started: 2/12/16 Completed: ? #1'st on Margie

  • Alone (Sasunaru)
    119K 3K 43

    (COMPLETED) After the Fourth Great Shinobi War Team 7 separates and with Naruko's friends slowly disappearing from her right in front of her, she falls into a state of depression pushing away whoever comes close to her. Who will save her? Will Naruko turn back to the same fun, bubbly, ramen-loving person she was befor...

  • Uncovered (SasuNaru)
    18.7K 464 5

    Naruko's life seemed to get worse since starting College. She couldn't focus in school due to her constant bullying she received everyday. Out of no where, the most popular guy in school and her become friends over a group project they had together. Then all things went downhill once a jealous banshee started a horr...

  • The Fox and The Weasel at Red Dawn: rewrite!
    93.7K 2.9K 22

    One night, Naruto is raped, and he's had enough of life in Konoha. Find out what devistating news will follow, and how is the one responsible for picking up those pieces? yaoi itanaru. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dont forgett to comment to tell me what u think and vot ~~~~~~~~~~~...

  • Homophobic Homo |Sasunaru|
    71.8K 2.4K 23

    This is a fanfic about Naruto, and Sasuke. Naruto is a homophobe, but is forced to stay with his older brother's friend Sasuke. After fights, arguments, throwing things, and overall not liking each other, does Naruto actually kind of like this bastard? In a way he can't describe? This will have yaoi.

  • Sold |Sebaciel|
    5.6K 91 6

    In which 15 year old Ciel is sold to a rich spoiled 17 year old. -warnings- Smut Violence Underaged drinking Suicidal themes - Written by: Lilly ( note from belle/Alex: what the fuck Lilly )

  • Bullied Heir
    174K 5.8K 18

    Naruto Uzumaki, or should I say Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki, is an orphan. He goes to a prestigious high school in Japan for the rich, the school he was invited to join because of his excellent academic results. He was always bullied whether it be when he was younger or in high school. Now, 15, having suffered being bulli...

  • Family
    184K 6K 27

    A fanfic.

  • sickly love
    19.2K 672 20

    Naruto has just gotten to leave the hospital after 11 years of extending care, sasuke is a play boy who wants to get in everyone's pants no exceptions, gaara is a ringleader, Lee is.....lee, shino is rich (but who isn't), Kiba has akamaru, neji is a pervert and shikamaru is a uke. WHat will happen when a contract is m...

  • My princess
    47K 1.7K 14

  • The start of love! (madanaru)
    93.2K 2.1K 12

    There's madara who is 16 and he fell in love with the 13 year old blonde boy, and then a few years later the akatsuki come after the boy and madara has some new plans that will happen! Will naruto fall in love with madara or keep hating him!! Keep reading to find out the rest! Mpreg.

  • Un Amor Compartido ( Sasunaru,madanaru,itanaru)
    6.7K 339 8

    Tres uchiha luchando por un uzumaki quien ganara o el uzumaki se quedara con los tres uchiha

  • Swift as a Coursing River (MadaNaru)
    17.8K 1.1K 14

    With destiny refusing to take it's normal course, Namikaze Naruto (Nahito, 漩渦) is forced to whatever he can to protect his father from certain death in war against the Han invaders; Boldly, he decides to take his place, he hides as an Alpha and goes to war in his Father's place. (MadaNaru) (COVER IS HERE)

  • Last Night (SasuNaru) Oneshot
    406 27 2

    On one morning,Naruto wake up and see Sasuke infront of him and wrap his hand on Naruto's wraist. Naruto freeze and try to remember what happen between them..But couldn't.. 'Is there something happened last night??' Naruto thought.. Latest ranking : #351 in narusasu category Previous ranking : #393 in narusasu categor...

    Completed   Mature
  • Naruto and Sasuke❤ (SasuNaru)
    1.3K 24 5

    Romantic comedy between two DIFFERENT status teenagers with a dog🐶~woof.. UZUMAKI-NAMIKAZE NARUTO is a loud-mouth,oblivious to his surround but naive and kind-hearted secondary highschool student. One day, there's a rich and genius student who happened to move in into Naruto's hometown,Konoha..named,UCHIHA SASUKE (wi...

  • Merman
    141K 4.6K 19

    okay everyone this is a story that I wanted to share with everyone that I read from a really good story writer so please read it

  • sasunaru, love our child (Editing Big Time)
    127K 2.8K 14

    Sasuke leaves naruto for a women because he needs the uchia company, but who new that naruto was pregnant with a child, then naruto left for 7 years but comes back, so he can get the job he always wanted! Will Sasuke and naruto see each other again? Will Sasuke figure out that naruto had a child that is Sasukes too? W...

  • Tormented Love {SasuNaru}
    38.6K 1.4K 6

    Sasuke is the son of the highly appreciated king, Fugaku Uchiha. The king is not only the ruler of the kingdom, but also the ruler of the remaining clans scattered throughout the main city of Konoha. Sasuke is tormented by his family to find a suitable lover he can spend the rest of his life with, maybe even making it...

  • Why me?
    3.3K 126 2

    Naruto has been abused, tortured and used his whole life. Will he finally escape his capture? Will he ever understand why he was there? Will he ever trust again....

  • To Hear Your voice
    30.4K 974 6

    One night Naruto is taken from his apartment, and tortured. when he is found is broken and scarred. Sasuke decides to stay with him while Naruto recovers after the blonde attempts suicide when Naruto confesses to something that has the potential to ruin their friendship. Can Sasuke come to terms with his feelings befo...