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  • Filthy ; Draco Malfoy
    12.6M 329K 53

    Toxic Draco. Dumb Lucille. The book with a messy plot full of smut. You might fall in love with Lorenzo Berkshire. + A book that takes unexpected turns of events. + More than just your regular mature fanfiction. {Half-Blood Prince | Deathly Hallows | Post-War} [Mature Content; Viewer Discretion is Advised; This book...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ski and X: Asylum
    5 1 1

    Ski mask the slump god and Xxxtentacion randomly wake up in a Abandoned Asylum after a party. they see their Dead friend's head (Lil Peep) with a bunch of slits on it. they went through some terrible shit while in there.

  • My Little Prince
    148K 5.3K 26

    Jossie has always been the outcast nerd. Forced to move from Ohio to the big city. Countless times she deals with verbal, emotional, and physical bullying not just at a school but at home as well. From her mother abusive boyfriend to the turmoil at school will she ever get a break. Well she does when she turns out sma...

    38.4K 824 15

    "lean wit me, pop wit me, get high wi me if you rock wit me."jaylen rapped along with juice wrld lean wit me as she sipped from her cup of lean and took a long hit of her blunt.

  • Thug Love ( StemxFem )
    101K 3.2K 26

    A story between a boss whose a female thug and a college girl. - - - [ I own no pictures ]

  • Thug Love (Stud & Fem)
    303K 9.8K 56

    Kingsley Cortes know as KC or King runs the streets of Houston Texas no Beyonce. Lil joke but Kingsley makes it happen. Traping hard with her life long friend Pharaoh and Jay. KC falls in love with the streets and someone else. After losing the love of her life she became somewhat cold hearted. She tough on the outsid...

    Completed   Mature
  • Attached
    224K 6.8K 33

    Will her high school bully become her lover ? Must read !! Slow updates !! Very interesting !!

  • King Von Imagines
    1.8K 50 4

    This story is all about king von 💙I hope you guys like it 🥺💙if you would like a imagine with him or anything please let me know 💙I been was supposed to publish this book but it had got deleted when I was trying get back in my account 😔but I'm just start fresh 😩so enjoy it you guys💙

    1K 79 1

    "Tell me you love me" his thrust got slower try intense It felt so good "I love you" I panted like a bitch in heat "I love you so much my Goddess...promise you'll never leave me...I've lost too much in my past & I'll be dammed if I loose you too." He flips me over on all fours and starts to drill me so hard I swear I...

  • Submissive In Need: Beads of Demand : Book 2
    6.3K 310 10

    The second book in the series Ava finds her Mistress Diana to be distant with her. Ava's temper now flared and uncaged Diana is challenged with bringing her back to earth... But what happens when Diana becomes ... secrets threaten to rip the duo apart... what will Diana expose Ava to.. and will Ava notice what Diana...

  • more than enough |b. hargrove| |book 3|
    921 77 5

    |book 3 of dead inside| |season 3 of Stranger Things| "You got a way with words You take away the hurt And it's a blessing and a curse... To feel at all." - More than enough; Alina Baraz ➞︎ HAWKINS, INDIANA WAS A DANGEROUS PLACE too dangerous for love and happiness to grow. False senses of peace and seren...

  • Babysitter 3
    11.2K 1.1K 19

    The last book ✨💖

    115K 4.7K 15

    "W-w-hat d-o y-you Wa-nt f-f-from me" I asked stuttering and moaning from the foreign pleasure she was giving me I was tearing up from this pleasure "I want you to give into me, all your sexual desires, I want to be your Bestfriend, your lover, your rock your everything daddy, just give in, don't hold back" she moane...

    68.5K 2.3K 62


    6K 628 36

    Alaina and jahseh has been very close friends since kids they liked each other very much until one day Alaina has to move back to her hometown and there very close bond breaks.... Will she see him ever again?, will they ever become friends again? Or more?.... READ TO FIND OUT🕺🏾

  • With Pain Comes Pleasure
    3.5K 253 10


  • She Is Mine|DDLG™
    93.5K 2.5K 33

    ★'She is mine.'★ ❣︎This was my first book and it's trash so don't hate I will edit in the future but I'm to lazy rn.❣︎

  • Long Lost Neighbors
    14 1 1

    Two gothic styled kids meet at a concert. Unknownst to them, they live right across the street from one another. What happens when one falls for the other? What do these two teens futures hold for them? Read on to find out.

  • The Touch
    996 59 3

    It wasn't suppose to be like this, I wasn't suppose to get mixed up in this. But here I am, standing in front of a man who is a true demon in everyone's eyes, except mine. Maybe I like tempting death. Maybe I'm in love with it. I don't know, but I do know one thing, Adam's touch is something I'll crave till the day he...

  • MY DADDY! / / J.O *ON HOLD*
    27.7K 1.9K 18

    2 years later? Seems like a good time for a reunion, right? Sequel to DADDY'S GIRL // J.O

  • Best Friends Forever? || XXXTENTACION
    71.5K 3.4K 38

    "Hi my name is Mya!" I said smiling at the sad boy. "Hi..I'm Jahseh.." "Let's be friends!" "Friends?" Jahseh asked. "Yeah Best Friends." "Best Friends Forever?" He said smiling. "Mmmm Yes." 💕THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR #4 IN XXXTENTACION!!!!!💕

  • Babysitter///Jahseh Onfroy🤓🖤{COMPLETED}
    69.8K 3.8K 32

    Montgomery a 18 year old who's watching Little Jahseh(9 years old) for the summer while his mother is in Jamaica.

  • The Devil's Property
    7.3M 234K 72

    "You know I can read your thoughts right?" He asked me smirking. He licked the part on my neck where his bite mark was, causing me to jump. A shiver ran through my body, and I moaned out loud, shocking myself. He chuckled as my eyes widened and he kissed my neck, biting it a little. "You're so...submissive when I to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Baby sitter 2
    84K 5.7K 55

    If you didn't read book one I advise you go read it NEOW 🥳🥳 This is Book 2 The one y'all been waiting for Has arrived With hella shit and surprises Waiting for y'all 🥰 This book is wayyy more detailed then the first one so it just might be better idk 😎

  • babysitter. (xxxtentacion)
    100K 5.5K 38

    " oh that's just Jahseh" " who's that is that your imaginary friend or something" I said panicked " no it's my brother" " BROTHER!!"

    21.7K 738 9

    Sativa can't keep herself out of detention and mr Onfroy is starting to think she's doing it on purpose.

  • His BaBysitter(XXXTentacion)
    22.6K 698 11

    Was I JUST A BabySitter?🚷🌊......

    217K 6.3K 33

    If she loved me, why'd she leave?

    Completed   Mature
  • Billy Hargrove Imagines
    76.9K 1.4K 23

    This book is filled with Billy Hargrove Imagines, most of them were written before Season 3, which explains why there will be so many Season 2 references. THESE IMAGINES WERE WRITTEN BY ME! Try to steal it, biss. I dare you. I have a (kitchen) knife!