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    Princess Aegertha Sideria Belquis has just turned eighteen. Which means she is to be wed to Prince Brannon Calderwith, heir to the throne of Calswath. As a gift, he brings her a Drachta Fianna. The offspring of a Fae's relations with a deer. An accident causes the creature to murder Brannon's young ward, but also awak...

  • The Mirrorwell Witch
    734 102 6

    What will Henry find beyond the Mirrorwell? Henry inherits his estranged uncle's cottage, where an old legend and a strange mirror lead him on a fated path of magic, witchcraft and evil. Out of the army and drifting, the old place gives him purpose, but memories lie beyond his reach until a reckoning comes of secret...

  • Geminae: The Blood of the Serpent | Book One
    5.9K 535 29

    'A war is coming. And it's going to bite.' What if there were two species of human, and sharing blood was the only way to survive? AI VAN ROSENDAL comes from a long line of powerful EVes. Despite her high blood potential, Ai prefers life beyond the Wall. When her sister goes missing Ai has no choice but to return to t...

  • Out of the Blue
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    Liara T'Soni; Shadow Broker and Prothean Archeologist. Her shy and strategic ways come to a near end when her fate lies with death itself. When dramatic changes cause her to make a difficult choice, will she make it or will she fall?

  • Demon Beauty
    2.3K 195 14

    A dark fairy tale beauty and the beast retelling. Completed and now an illustrated book on Amazon. Find solace in strange places. Fleeing a war, having lost everything, Rosalin finds herself in the forbidden forest. A dark place where creatures and magic dwell. In the home of a monster, Rosalin finds refuge, but an...