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    "it seems quite unfair that the stars determine our path in life," -y.m. -lowercase intended -previously called "divided"

  • Soju Shots • Y.min (discontinued)
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    "So you're underage hmm?" 2018•blkgloss

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    "The few minutes a day I spend with you are worth the millions of hours I spend without you" Started: 2.19.18 Ended: . . . Thank you for reading my story! Enjoy☆彡 Warning: This story includes possible triggers for •Depression •Self Harm •Alcohol Use •Drug Use ☎️

  • art | yoonmin
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    ❝ art is something people tend to take for granted. i don't understand why, it's beautiful. ❞ ❝ probably because people are too fucking stupid to look at the beauty behind the art. ❞ + in which jimin is a lover for art and works at an art shop. © cassandra 2016

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  • limerence + y.m.
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    Daddy loves his little, no matter what has happened - improvised. +eijayy2016/18

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  • kids | yoonmin
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    ❝ i want to stay with you forever, hyung. marry me. ❞ ❝ i can't, we're kids. ❞ ❑ in which Yoongi and Jimin grow up together as friends; Jimin doesn't know the meaning of personal space, and Yoongi desperately wants to make Jimin his ft. namjin and taekook [ongoing] [started...

  • Porcelain -- yoonmin
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    -- "skin so pure, so smooth, so fragile, like porcelain.." -- "Please don't break me." "Why would I break my favorite toy?" WARNING:: If you do not like boyxboy, do not read!! If you do not like angsty stories, do not read!! You have been warned!!

  • he ; yoonmin
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    [thrussyoongi2017] "the blinds wide open so he can see you in the dark when you're sleeping naked body fresh out the shower; you touch yourself after hours ain't no man allowed in your bedroom; you're sleeping alone in bed but check your window he's at your window."

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  • omegle (EDITING)
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    "so, are you going to strip for us?" Highest rank: #2 in fanfiction : 170630 Won Best LGBTQ+ fanfiction 2017 ©yoonmining