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  • Hold Me Close and Don't Let Go
    66.7K 1.7K 12

    A bullet rips through Peter's chest and his life is left hanging in the balance. With a worried Tony Stark, Aunt May and the whole host of Avengers: Peter doesn't face this immense recovery alone.

  • The Girl At His Door [Parts I & II]
    4.1M 140K 74

    Angelo Lesca. The young Capo, as they called him. He was powerful in his line of work. He kept some friends, but more girls. He wouldn't admit that his high school sweetheart, the love his life, was the reason of his cold hearted power. But then, a young girl named Mercury shows up at his apartment, during a stor...

  • Break the Water
    28.3K 1.3K 8

    Peter Parker just went on his first mission with the Avengers. At first, he is excited and ready to prove himself that he is strong enough, but that soon changes when the hydra base they are cleaning up happens to be a ship in the middle of the ocean. After the events of Homecoming, Peter developed a great fear of dro...

  • Triple Trouble
    569 68 2

    IDEA BY @TheCunningSnake I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT ---- Peter Parker had always been in the shadows of his two older brothers. Tobey Parker was already at MIT and making a name for himself there, while Andrew Parker was in his senior year of high school with a history of awards under his. Peter didn't have anything to be p...

  • Loki Misses the Asgardian Prison System
    96.9K 5.8K 191

    The Allfather has run out of options. Loki has made a fool of him and a fool of his realm one too many times. If he won't stay in his prison on Asgard, maybe he'll fare better stuck in Stark Tower. (Needless to say, Tony doesn't like that idea. He calls in a few friends for help.) {Cover by @kozkaboi}

  • Wrong Number, Kid
    434K 14.9K 47

    'Wrong Number Kid' but with Shuri instead of Tony. When Peter texts the wrong number, he never expected to get into this much trouble. Can he keep his secret safe? Will he find love? Will everything go to crap? Also bonus content =))) I DO NOT OWN MARVEL IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM

  • Irondad and Spiderson Oneshots
    314K 6.9K 21

    Just some classic fluffy and angsty oneshots. ⚠️TW: There might be panic and anxiety attacks, nightmares, and night terrors. Not sure yet, writing this before the book. I OWN NOTHING EXCEPT ANY ORIGINAL PLOTS. 3/2020- #13 in whump

  • Growing Up
    780K 26.2K 41

    These are just a bunch of one shots condensed into one book about Peter growing up being raised by Tony Stark. You can read them in order or not. *no longer accepting requests* Written in 2018

  • Dancing In The Rain - Avengers Highschool Au
    25.1K 916 23

    avengers high school au (no powers) ~Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain~ Everyone has their problems, but they hid them behind their fake school smiles. But when two new kids come to Stan Lee High secrets get spilled and smiles start to falter. The descriptions ba...

  • ~Peter and Michelle - Book III~
    16.5K 479 10

    ~~The Third Installment of the Peter and Michelle Series~~ A short-story of Peter and Michelle's journey together over Christmas, where their relationship takes new turns and reaches new heights. What will happen for them during this festive winter season? All will be answered in this book, so stay tuned! Ho! Ho! Ho! ...

    Completed   Mature
  • ~Peter and Michelle~
    237K 4.8K 34

    ~HIGHEST RANKING: #1Michelle, #1Ship, #1MichelleJones, #1Peterandmichelle #1Spideychelle #1PeterandMJ~ Michelle Jones likes books, doesn't wear makeup and doesn't care what people think of her. Peter Parker is smart, kind and has a good heart. He also happens to be Queens very own superhero, Spider-Man. Ned Leeds is f...

  • You've Only Just Arrived (a Tom Hiddleston fan fiction)
    203K 6.9K 91

    You are a hardworking young actor that catches a big break, resulting in you attending your first big awards show. Among the famous faces you see that night: Tom Hiddleston. You only ever intended to admire him from afar, but he has different plans. -- A/N: It started as a simple daydream and turned into so much more...

  • Equation for the Perfect Family
    8.2K 299 8


  • Superfamily Blurbs
    200K 6.8K 70


  • His Name Is Anthony
    784K 32K 40

    With Peter's tendancy of getting into all sorts of trouble and odd situations, he ends up texting the wrong number. Besides the stranger on the other end receiving the biggest apology of a lifetime, the two become good friends. Then it just goes all down to shit. [[PREVIOUSLY TITLED: Wrong Number, Kid]] Highest Rankin...

  • Not Alone (An Irondad Story)
    84.9K 2.4K 11

    Peter Parker's life was never easy. He is a superhero, an orphan, and the top student at his school. At least he is not alone; he has his Aunt May to look out for him. He was just starting to get used to his new life when tragedy strikes the Parker household again leaving him with no one. Until a certain power couple...

  • First day of School
    998 48 2

    It's time for school to start again and the Haddock siblings tackle the first day.

  • Bumps in the road (oneshot)
    388 31 1

    Zephyr is a teenager and like all teenagers she wants to learn to drive. Hiccup has the pleasure of teaching her.

  • Adopted by the Avengers
    311K 8.9K 22

    Almost Fifteen-year-old Peter Parker gets a text from Tony stark, but he doesn't know it. Turns out Steve had accidentally given him the wrong number (not his fault- okay maybe it is) This is a 'Sorry Kid wrong number' story, spiderson, and HYDRA. Also, it does have abuse in it, so just a heads-up. I do not own Marve...

  • Down Came The Rain
    12.8K 489 1

    When Peter's suit goes off-line during a very massive and powerful thunderstorm, Tony does the right thing and worries. A lot. Luckily, Rhodey is a good friend and goes looking for Peter, leaving behind the still injured billionaire to pace the floor of the penthouse. He doesn't have to wait long, but the state Rhodey...

  • A Horrific Game Of Hide And Seek
    10.9K 318 1

    Aside from feeling strange and having his Spidey Sense go off every five seconds, Peter is having a pretty good week. His Dad is home and he can even hang out with his friends more. Too bad things don't stay that way. One mistake as Spider-Man changes everything and the teenager realizes the importance of always liste...

  • home ; peter parker
    475K 15.3K 28

    A story about Peter Parker and his abusive aunt, and how Tony Stark shows him how to fight his demons. *** summary; Peter Parker's aunt, May Parker, has only ever known darkness. Despite living in an abusive household, Peter still remains hopeful in such a tormenting world, maintaining the belief that people a...

  • Catch Me
    430K 14.5K 8

    In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.

  • Wanted (In More Ways Than One)
    277K 8.7K 34

    When Peter's phone breaks during patrol, he loses all of his contacts. In a twist of fate, rather than texting Ned after he gets stabbed, he ends up texting a wrong number. Who did he text? Why did he decide to keep texting them? And with two supervillains, SHIELD, and the Avengers on his tail, what is he going to do...

  • What
    131K 5.6K 31

    What's up with this kid? Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters and settings except for a few original ones. These are a property of Marvel Comics.

  • Wrong number :/~~Spider-Man
    214K 8.7K 87

    Peter texts Ned (completely original I know, bear with me I beg of you) but plot twist?? It's Tony Stark man?? Absolute mad lad gets sucked into a series of unfortunate events, enduring a lot of very concerning and very cute things This book is completed!! A chapter or two may show up every now and again, but they wi...

    Completed   Mature
  • One-shots {Spider-man}
    297K 6.6K 39

    Spiderman stories. Field trips Rouge Avengers Internship stories MJ + Peter <3 AU's Harley Kenner and Peter/science bros 2.0 Meeting Avengers. Not really one-shots. It's more like a book of Peter Parker stories.

  • Loki's Daughter
    3.5M 123K 37

    "Her name is Hela," he replied, watching the infant lose interest in the shield and move onto something else. Hela looked up at the mention of her name and the same grin came across her face. The smile reminded the Avengers of Loki, it was clearly obvious. The child seemed more innocent, but she was clearly his daught...

  • Field Trip to Stark Industries- Peter Parker/ Spider-Man
    303K 8.2K 21

    Peter is (unwillingly) on a field trip to the one and only Stark Industries. Can he survive the humility and torture the Avengers will throw at him every step of the way? Or more importantly, what will happen when the Avengers find out about Flash? Most Impressive Rankings Held: #1 in blackwidow out of 20.1k stories #...

  • Three Day Field Trip to Stark Tower
    472K 14K 18

    Peter Parker and his Decathlon team go on a three day field trip to Stark Tower. Peter is anything but excited, because of the Avengers, who he knows are going to annoy the shit out of him. Everything would be fine, right? What could possibly go wrong? A lot, apparently.