Break the Water
By ArterHarlowe
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Peter Parker just went on his first mission with the Avengers. At first, he is excited and ready to prove himself that he is strong enough, but that soon changes when the hydra base they are cleaning up happens to be a ship in the middle of the ocean. After the events of Homecoming, Peter developed a great fear of drowning. He manages to keep himself together throughout the whole mission. That is until the whole place starts to shake by an accident, letting Peter, Bucky, Steve and Natasha fall into the water. The base gets locked up and evacuates, leaving the four heroes behind with nothing but some debris to float on. Will Peter be able to keep his secret until they can be rescued? Or will he break down, destroying everything he fought for the past few months? And what is the deal with the rest of the team taking so long to resque them?


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Break the...
by ArterHarlowe