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  • Break the Water
    28.3K 1.3K 8

    Peter Parker just went on his first mission with the Avengers. At first, he is excited and ready to prove himself that he is strong enough, but that soon changes when the hydra base they are cleaning up happens to be a ship in the middle of the ocean. After the events of Homecoming, Peter developed a great fear of dro...

  • Into the Mist. (Avengers FanFiction) Sequel to Away We Go
    241K 9.3K 20

    How can the Avengers recover from the tragedy that has befallen them? Will they ever be able to move on? Will they ever have to...? Sequel to my first story, Away We Go. (Amazing covert art by JohnlockedIn221B.)

  • ~Peter and Michelle~
    237K 4.8K 34

    ~HIGHEST RANKING: #1Michelle, #1Ship, #1MichelleJones, #1Peterandmichelle #1Spideychelle #1PeterandMJ~ Michelle Jones likes books, doesn't wear makeup and doesn't care what people think of her. Peter Parker is smart, kind and has a good heart. He also happens to be Queens very own superhero, Spider-Man. Ned Leeds is f...

  • You've Only Just Arrived (a Tom Hiddleston fan fiction)
    203K 6.9K 91

    You are a hardworking young actor that catches a big break, resulting in you attending your first big awards show. Among the famous faces you see that night: Tom Hiddleston. You only ever intended to admire him from afar, but he has different plans. -- A/N: It started as a simple daydream and turned into so much more...

  • Peter Parker one shots
    555K 12.1K 81

    The title says it all

  • No Lie
    554K 21.2K 17

    A continuation of my book 'You're What?'. A series of one shots surrounding people discovering Peter is either related to Tony Stark or knows him (it will be clarified in each one shot). You don't have to read the other book to read this one as they are all independent little stories. Enjoy! Written in 2018. Not Flash...

  • How To Be The Best Third Wheel
    2.8M 210K 97

    How To Be The Best Third Wheel is now published as a Paperback & E-book by Wattpad Books! As a Wattpad reader, you can also now access the Original Edition for free and the Wattpad Books Published Edition here upon purchase. It's the last year of high school, and everything has changed . . . ...

  • Hiccstrid: An American Love Story
    102K 1.9K 62

    This is the only Hiccstrid story you need to read. Don't believe? Well then you better read to find out. Do you believe in soulmates? That two people were destined to meet. Whatever you believe these two people met. Astrid and Hiccup. Together right here in Eretson café, LA. Last names didn't matter in this context. O...

  • The Devil Is A Gentleman | Loki
    19K 854 26

    "Man of few words I assume?" "You could say that" "Then you must think I talk too much." "Not at all" "Then what do you think?" "A lot of things.." When Arianna Dean lets her cousin - Jane Foster - stay with her for a while in London for her research, she never imagined what would happen to her next. Aria's story beg...

  • Falling For Her (Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction)
    264K 10.2K 40

    "Have you ever had an angel walk your way?" • To fans, it seems Tom Hiddleston has always been single. But no one really knows the truth. Only one person can tell you the truth about Tom Hiddleston, and that's himself. In this story, Tom shares his most precious secret, about a girl worth way more than the love of his...

  • Finding Forever (Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction)
    723K 28.4K 45

    "Its not a matter of finding the person you were meant to be with, but a matter of waiting to find each other." After breaking up with her boyfriend of seven years. Ariana needs a new start. Work takes her to London, and she is faced with the challenge of moving on. Not only from her ex-boyfriend, but from her many pa...

  • Fire and Ice // Loki x reader (Currently under construction)
    101K 3.1K 17

    You were taken from your home by Odin and brought to Asgard because of your powers and made into a weapon of mass destruction. Loki befriends you and sets you free before taking you to the Avengers.

  • Heal my wounds (hiccstrid)
    121K 3.4K 47

    "A-Astrid?" I spoke my voice shaky and cracking a few times. At the tone of my voice Astrid looked up at me with her eyes furrowed. "What wrong?" She asked urgently her eyes wide. I didn't know what to say but I took in a breath scared that what I say was true, I prayed that I was just seeing things but I knew deep do...

  • Alpha protects them all
    52 5 2

    Hiccups parents are suddenly killed in a car crash. Or so they say. Hiccup wasn't convinced that they died in that crash. His dad was always a careful driver and his mom usually hated driving. So what really happened? Hiccup is determined to find out what really happened but gets caught by the MI6. Is he the secret we...

  • Hiccstrid Quotes and Memes
    15K 520 80

    Hello there. This book is basically what the title says. I may occasionally write oneshots about rtte as well. Have a great day!

  • HTTYD one shots - TDD Version
    759 27 4

    I take requests! These stories have 1- 3 word titles. They are a mix of modern and viking stories, a lot of them first one I will write just to get going. Requests can either be an idea or 1 - 3 words as a promt. There are three ways you can get involved and request. 1. Comment at the start of the story. 2. Add it...

  • Httyd • Social Media AU
    6.9K 139 13

    ↳just like the name says. •How to train your dragon Modern / Social media Au• || Hiccstrid || *Requests Open!*

  • The Four Horsemen Of Apocalypse
    3.9K 94 11

    A group of friends decided to meet up because they have found the one thing they've always wanted to find. The Revelation Scroll. Legends say that the scroll can summon the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. It was also said that they would grant you one wish then destroy the world right after. Maybe they didn't see the las...

  • The Game's Not Over
    14.2K 664 43

    Six years has passed. Organizations of peace are thriving and the world is slowly achieving tranquility. However, Drakos is in a small predicament. The organization is split between two sides; Pro-Demon Killer and Anti-Demon Killer. On one hand, the mysterious assassin had helped them defeat the Flyers. On the other...

  • Life's Just A Game
    57K 1.5K 55

    The world has been corrupted. A man who experienced it first-hand vowed to cure it. Even if he has to become a cold-hearted monster to achieve it. No one can stop him. Or can an old friend help him turn his life around? Astrid and her friends decided to travel to L.A to check out a mysterious organization. They've bee...

  • Ask Toothless and Hiccup
    56.7K 2K 69

    Hey readers! Hiccup here! Toothless is here also. This used to be a book for just asking and daring Toothless, but do to many questions and dares directed at me, I'll be answering questions or doing dares right along with Toothless. Also, I'll be translating Dragonese to English for Toothless so you guys can know wh...

  • The Valkyrie and the Valedictorian
    15.4K 489 5

    Modern AU. Nerdy Hiccup Haddock is the Valedictorian of Berk High School despite being bullied and generally ignored by all his peers. Yet Hiccup has a secret that makes life as the bullies' best target bearable...and he prays she's coming to Graduation. Hiccstrid. Disclaimer; I do not own How To Train Your Dragon. Al...

  • Wattpad Memes
    259K 39.2K 194

    Memes that you will enjoy reading if you are a true Wattpader! We may have different country, different culture, different religion, different gender but after all we are all Wattpaders. And as long as you are a Wattpader, I am sure that you'll enjoy these Memes! Belive me, if you think you are different from others...

  • Random Stuff
    174 19 6

    A bunch of random pics I find on my pinterest and possibly relatable ones too and maybe updates? (If i plan to make one)

    238 21 7

    Ask my OC's ! ((As the title says! :)

  • 1 AM Therapy | ✔
    1M 54.9K 40

    ❝Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night.❞ ❝That would be you.❞ ❝You're a smooth motherfucker, aren't you?❞ In which Nico desperately needs advice and finds a payphone, but he has nobody to call. And then the payphone rings. And Nico answers. And over a series of phone calls with a witty, feisty female, Nico falls in...

  • HTTYD 3: The Hidden World/Race to The Edge Seasons 4-6 Pics, Clips, News, Etc
    13K 391 43

    This is a Race to the Edge/HTTYD 3 Screenshot book where I make collages and screenshots some Hiccstrid or Heathlegs or any pics of anything!! I might also add some fanfics and random pics in this book! Enjoy!!

  • Where to and Back Again (HTTYD runaway AU) **DISCONTINUED**
    23.7K 552 10

    Uselessness Never wanted Never loved A catastrophe waiting to happen These were the thoughts that swirled the mind of Hiccup. He never was wanted in the village, never love, never needed. He never wanted to be there. . . . so why not leave?