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  • A Poisoned Crown
    30.8K 2.5K 13

    With a touch of her hand or a kiss, Elle Quinn heals the wounds of those injured or dying. Using powers she has never developed, Elle heals an enigmatic stranger who turns out to be of the Fae, and requests her help to heal the Winter Court of a poison spreading from their near-death Queen. Travelling through the icy...

  • Wastelands: A Broken World Novel
    28.2K 3.8K 38

    Two years ago, Evie Morgan's husband disappeared. Under suspicion of his murder, no one believed Evie's story about the mysterious creature with the black eyes that killed Tom and assumed his identity. Now, trying to survive in the ruins of post-invasion London, Evie's world is once more thrown into turmoil, when sh...

  • A Dream of Snow
    55.9K 2.9K 26

    'The best way to make alliances, is with marriage.' Daenerys Targaryen sits on the Iron Throne. Days after arriving in Westeros, the Lannister forces were destroyed; in a reign of fire and blood not seen since Aegon's conquest. As the ash settles she turns her gaze north, where a bastard calls himself king and the pe...

  • A Feast Of Souls: A Dark Paranormal Romance **ON HOLD**
    2.5K 306 4

    'Don't look, Lillian. Never look into the eyes of a Sin-Eater, for you will be as cursed as he is and will forever languish in darkness.' Lillian Elmes remembers the warning her mother gave her about the town's Sin-Eater only too well. How could she not when she'd ignored it as a child, only to find herself plagued...

    64.9K 5K 25

    **BOOK II OF THE FOUR REALMS SERIES** When war came for Azura, Fara of Calate lost everything. Her husband, her new home, her freedom. When her captor - the formidable commander of the Leoth army - saves her life, she begins to see the enemy as something more than just the inhuman monsters she has feared all her life...

  • The Widow Melody Scott
    199 39 9

    A mom's got to do what a mom's got to do. A priceless ruby bracelet has been stolen and a six-figure reward is being offered. Newly widowed housewife Melody Scott needs to earn some major cash, fast, but she's at a loss how to do what the police, museum security, and the best private investigators have failed to do. O...

  • inevitable
    2.3K 414 28

    She was Mozart. He was Metallica. She was silk and soft lace. He was granite and sharp edges. She was light. He was darkness. She was his salvation. He was her forever... Meeting him was accidental. Loving him was inevitable.