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  • Two Hearts (harry s./louis t. Fanfic)
    8K 110 60

    Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles met again after six years of not seeing each other. Louis was his mentor back in Doncaster UK, he taught him to play the guitar and as well as the piano. But one night of confession that let Louis to pushed Harry away. After all these years they live their lives in separate world, bu...

  • Co-Captains (Larry Stylinson)
    2.7M 95.9K 31

    Harry and louis were co-captains, problem was they couldn't stand each other. They played well together, but only where football was concerned.

    Completed   Mature
  • 199 Letters (l.s)
    192K 6.7K 7

    What would you do if your best friend committed suicide? What would you do if there was no way that you could help them? All there is left, is 199 letters. The only thing they left behind for you. © 2014, Ashley (larrystyIinson), All rights reserved

  • Never Knew I Needed - Larry Stylinson AU
    633K 19.3K 30

    Louis Tomlinson didn't need anybody. If he didn't need anybody, then he didn't have to care for anybody in return. And that's just how he liked it. He had three close friends, and that's all he'd allow. Until Harry Styles came along and ruined everything. Louis becomes confused as to if he really hates Harry, or if he...

    Completed   Mature