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  • He's my brother?
    48.4K 1.6K 19

    Twelve year old Dylan never thought she was any different to her friends. She lived with a normal family in a normal house on a normal street. Nothing could have prepared her for when Liam Payne turns up at her school, and tells her that he is her brother.

  • My Big Brother Liam Payne (a cancer story)
    229K 5.2K 28

    This story is about eleven year old Bailey Payne who was diagnosed with aggressive lung cancer just after her eleventh birthday. She is yet to tell he big brother Liam about it, what will happen when he finds out?

  • One Direction Fan Fictions
    6.8K 34 21

    Lots of amazing stories for you to read!!!!

  • Adopted by One Direction
    1.6M 42.9K 53

    Lily. An innocent, sweet, six year old little girl with a past that she doesn't deserve. Abused by her father, put into the most terrible orphanage, then, in a turn of events, adopted by the top British-Irish boy band. Having a life full of pain, Lily doesn't realize that the five caring lads would do anything for her...

  • Adopted by One Direction
    457K 10.8K 39

    9 year old Zoe was abused all her life by her father. She has now been in a care home for a month but will all that change when one direction turn up wanting to adopt her? A/N- there is now a book 2 and 3, these can be found on my profile- enjoy the read!

  • Adopted by One Direction 3
    144K 4.3K 33

    Zoe Malik has now reached the age of fifteen. She will face happiness, but sadness. She's growing up and no matter what her brothers say she will adventure and be like any other girl her age. Except she's not like any other girl her age, because she is the adopted sister of One Direction.

  • Adopted by One Direction 2
    221K 6.8K 38

    Zoe Malik is now 13 and living with only one of her brothers. Her life is about to become a lot more complicated as she faces difficult decisions, mistrust and lost love.