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    *CURRENTLY ON HIATUS* So how did I meet my beloved mate? Well, our first interaction there's really no way to start it off good. Okay I'm just going to go out and say it "I ran him over with my car. No, it wasn't on purpose! It just so happened he was out in the woods he ran in the street and wham. He ruined the fro...

  • Fight me (Boy×Boy)
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    Cody has been bullied his whole life, being labeled and permanently made an outcast from his peers. What did he expect? Being gay was bad. It was weird. It just didn't make sense. But when the new guy shows up, Cody's world flips. He no longer feels like an outcast. And he'll stop at nothing to protect what he love...

  • Six Word Stories
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    A collection of short stories

  • Flooded [✔️]
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    Far in the future, the world has flooded from global warming, leaving no inhabitable land left on Earth. Jade, along with other technologically advanced citizens, live in a giant dome underwater to protect them from pollution, nuclear waste, and other harmful things that lie in the ocean above. When Jade's perfect lif...

  • Seeing the Blind
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    ••• She saw what I couldn't. And felt my heart beat for her •••

  • Destiel's Daughter
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    Eleanor is no ordinary teenager. First, she's a Winchester, that should say it all. But there's so much more... She's been killing the supernatural her whole life, and by 17 years old, she thinks she knows everything, except, she still doesn't know that angels exist. Funny, considering that one of her fathers is Casti...

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  • Stop The BULL
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    Stop the BULL. Help us fight bullying. Sometimes the best way to fight things, is to share. We should share our experiences, and find support in others. Our goal is to reduce bullying by providing firsthand accounts by victims of bullying. This book is basically an anti-bullying hotline. If you have or had any trouble...

  • He Killed Me ✔
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    • Highest Rank #9 in poetry (till 31 August 2016) • Poetrt Awards 2016 - Best Writing Style Award • Winter Wonder Awards - Third Place. A poetry book of Dark poems that take you through the relatable journey of love, hatred , betrayal , lost affection..........specifically, the feeling of not feeling anything. Of bei...

  • On The Sidewalk Bleeding
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    And there I lie On cold cement Pressing my slick fingers to my side Darkness doesn't tinge the edges It flashes and dances in spots In and out of vision I will die here In a puddle And all I can think about is How I didn't tell you 'I love you' My last thought is of your pale blue eyes Frantic with worry But it's too...

  • just breathe 2016
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    #watty2016 || #4 in poetry || *completed* * Let the world know how scary your thoughts are!! * cover credits: M A T U R E D A L E R T : Some of these can be triggering and suicidal! Read At Your Own Risk!

    Completed   Mature
  • Watching Wren
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    Someone has been watching Wren for weeks. She can’t see them, but she can feel them. Can feel their eyes on her as she leaves her dorm, as she walks down the street with her friends. This fact becomes startlingly clear when someone poses as her boyfriend on the chatting app, ChatMe, and sends her a link—a link that...

  • Sweater Weather (Boy×Boy)
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    Ryan Johnson never expected to move half way across the country, nor did he expect to find himself in a winter wonderland. But one thing he has learned in his crazy life is that anything if possible.. Like falling for a guy when you thought you were straight. Now that's crazy...or is it? Conner Miller has always been...

  • Another Day, Another Life
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    This is my first poem book and it's a bit depressing. It is filled with darkness and is about how lots of people try to hide from noticing other people's problems and how dark the world can be. At least, that's the cover's story.

  • Stockholm Syndrome//H.S
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    As I leave, the cold British wind greets me. I zip up my sweater, and start walking home. Thanks to my parents, I don't have a car. "You're too irresponsible for a car, Courtney. You can always save up for one once you leave this house," my father had scoffed when I asked him. I walk at a fast pace, hoping to avoid...

  • Random Stuff
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    The title pretty much says it all. Random rants , depression quotes and poems ,story ideas funny stuff ,random crush stories and more .join me in my randomness And the amazing cover is by peakybooo

  • My Neighbors //1D
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    I hear the same manly, British voice say, "Go away. I'm not interested in buying your Girl Scout cookies." I let out a nervous laugh. "Erm...I'm not selling cookies. I-" "Then what do you want?" the same voice says. Darn! That voice sounds so familiar. I clear my throat. "I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Diana...

  • Good Enough - Luke Hemmings
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  • •{Poetry}•
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    Words I've written on different days When reality starts to become a haze Writing of these thoughts of mine Or an answer to a friend's cries Things I cannot say aloud So I just write them down. Why do this instead of speaking? Because speaking would feel like secret-keeping Considering that to one person these words...

  • Addicted
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    Random poems that can be relatable. _____________________________________________ "Poets don't write to become famous. They write because if they would keep it all inside, their mind would burst." _______________________________________________ All rights reserved ©Z.K

  • Make the Most of It (Destiel AU)
    13.8K 691 25

    When Dean is 18 and Sam is 15, they switch schools once again, and Dean discovers Castiel, a shy boy with spiky black hair and a trench coat. But what happens when a mixed up monster comes to town? One who has the power to ruin relationships and manipulate reality. Two awkward, adorable teens face chaos, dorkiness, co...

  • Gifted Souls - Shift
    69.7K 4.6K 65

    What's it like being someone else for a day? Ask fifteen-year-old Bowen Janssen. He'll tell you. In fact, he'll tell you what it's like being anyone you want to be. A celebrity? Easy. A police officer? No problem. A ruthless psychopath? If you want to. He can tell you all of this because he has a gifted soul, one th...

  • Dean's Daughter
    4.4K 161 21

    Rylee is just a normal 13 year old girl. Or so she thought. Her mother has died and she hasn't meet her father who is a criminal. She runs away and ends up meeting her father. Will she stay with him? Reached 666 veiws on December 24, 2015!

  • The Future (Dramione story)
    6.1K 494 24

    Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger are now getting ready to send their oldest son Tom to Hogwarts for his first year of school... What kind of adventures will he have? WE DONT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS, ALL THE RIGHTS GO TO J.K. ROWLING

  • Silhouette
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    Most of us are familiar with the ever-famous Harry Potter series and the ever-weird twilight series. And to think of a world were these two stories shared a common pathway is Hypothetically if they did, what do you think happened when the Weasley twins came across the love struck Bella Swan...

  • 20 Reasons to Let Go
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    If somebody were to tell Cady Somber that her best friend would be a murderer some day, she wouldn't of believed them. But now, with a police siren whining behind her, and Kendal Winters sprinting ahead of her, she doesn't know who to believe anymore. TRIGGER WARNING: this book includes themes of abuse, depression, an...

  • T h e V l e x
    2.3K 1K 29

    ECOW wants her. Malissa is the last 'hidden' pure... the last person with fresh blood, the needed blood to destroy the devil, the monster, The Vlex... The Vlex who wants revenge... The revenge that no one knows about except him... revenge from whom? Could he stop the last pure? Could he stop Malissa without falling i...

  • Funny Book
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    Funny things I found funny! None of these are my own, the credit goes to the creators!