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  • Keystone {Lifeline #2 | joshler}
    27K 1.5K 14

    sequel to Lifeline. aka the one where they're finally ready to face the world but they still have to finish high school, even though it nearly killed them the first time.

  • the forest fic
    316K 7.3K 6

    not mine!!!!!!! creds go to SoloChaos on archive of our own just another copy of the forest fic make sure you have tissues

  • screaming through your airways ; joshler oneshots
    11K 324 4

    he asked me what i wanted and all that i could think of was him. (cover made by femininejoseph)

  • Choke me » Joshler/tysh
    360K 13K 32

    Slutty Joshler pørn...with a story line built around Josh's dick. It's just a big pile of gay kinky shit in a highschool scene. And two seemingly opposite guys come to an agreement.. Hashtag 'no homo' though amiright?

    210K 13.1K 54

    [+JOSHLER] ❝Before you, I hated life. I hated my parents, my school, my teachers... then you came around with your wide doe eyes, and freckled cheeks.❞ ♡ Where Joshua hates everything and everybody, except for the innocent boy who lives next door with the freckled cheek and flowers in his hair. ♡ #214 in fanfiction, D...

  • remember that you're mine {joshler}
    121K 5.2K 23

    [COMPLETED] Tyler's father heads the ohio branch of the lebanese mafia, Josh's dad runs guns for their rivals. They're sworn enemies, so why is Tyler doing everything he can to ensure he wakes up in Josh's bed every morning? cover art by vyles-ray on tumblr

    Completed   Mature
  • under the gas station lights ➳ joshler
    250K 6.4K 77

    josh is into sad boys and coffee, and one day, he finds both. (lowercase intended)

  • single ; joshler
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    ❛i still got a crush, that's obvious. if nobody's around, what's stopping us?❜ [sassy!tyler and punk!josh] -mrgullible©