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  • Chained by the Wounds of Fate
    4.4M 72.6K 45

    THIS IS A SIGNED STORY UNDER DREAME. Dea Ver Saturnina Esperanza hated her ex-husband Tyrell Zeus Cassiopea who took away everything that she had, her wealth and her inheritances. She thought that she will finally be free from Tyrell's domination when she signed the contract that she thought would dissolve their marri...

  • Caught In His Arms (Published Under Pop Fiction)
    51.6M 1.2M 89

    Former title: In the Arms of Five Hot Jerks Ferell Series #1 - Dove She's like a beautiful dove, dressed in white feathers...caught by lies and secrets. Book 1 of Arms Trilogy Covers are not mine, credits to rightful owner.

  • Destined with the Bad Boy
    36.2M 898K 95

    [COMPLETED] #1 in Teen Fiction Frans Abigail wants to forget her best friend whom she's fallen in love with. As she's creating new memories in her new home and new school, she suddenly met the most annoying guy in the campus! Christan Apxfel Gonzalez is the campus' heartthrob. Gwapo, mayaman, mayabang. That's how she...

  • Scandalous Affair (The Stanfield Heir #3)
    17.8M 36.6K 8

    #StanfieldBook3: Sage Steele Shakyra Noelle Lagdameo wants to know the memories her brain had refused to reveal. Kyra only knows her life as a 22 years old woman-- who was lively and eager to chase her own dreams, away from her contro...

  • Mysterious Heart (The Stanfield Heir #4) #Wattys2018
    9.3M 22.7K 7

    #StanfieldHeir4: Serena Steele Winter Serena Steele-- heiress to Stanfield Empire-- is the very beloved youngest of the Steele. Oh yes! She relished her fame and basked in her glory. But her childish heart secretly yearns for something magical-- a love that will lead her to forever. ...

  • Rebellious Love (PUBLISHED under PSICOM) #Wattys2016winner
    14.5M 49.6K 10

    #StanfieldBook2: ZekeSteele (#Wattys2016Winner Collector's Edition) "I've made mistakes out of my rebellion. But I embrace them because they made me who I am and what I am now. I found a brother, people I can trust, and a girl who meant the world to me... And I fell i...

  • A Chance To My Legal Wife
    806K 12.8K 22

    Nagkamali at muntikan na silang mawala sa akin. Tinanggap ko ang pagkakamaling iyon, at gagawin ang lahat para makuhang muli ang tiwala at pag-ibig na sinira ko. I'll do everything to have a chance to my legal wife. -Xander Hudgers

  • I Want My Stalker Back (completed)
    4.2M 119K 56

    "I want your kisses, I want your laugh, I want you sweet, Because I crazily want my stalker back." Ron Romualdez

  • Chasing the Sassy Girl (Winner Wattys2016 Jollibee Romance)
    5.4M 154K 37

    THIS IS A STORY SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR JOLLIBEE and was proclaimed as Wattys2016 Winner under Jollibee Romance Category. Praise be to God Prima Rose Dela Cruz lives a simple life. She's in between the good and the bad, happy and sad, but her life was never bland! Kahit simple ang buhay, naniniwala syang hindi...

  • His Virgin Wife (GENTLEMAN series 7: Taddeos Ventura 2)
    2.4M 50.6K 40

    His Virgin Wife (GENTLEMAN series 7: Taddeos Ventura 2) "Please remind me everyday that I'm only marry you because i was forced to." Marriage is a sacred commitment. But what they have now is a shotgun relationship. Shotgun marriage. Dahil sa kagustuhan niyang tuklasin ang ibang mundo ni Taddeos. Inilagay naman niya a...

  • His Secret Wife
    41M 685K 56

    [SARMIENTO SERIES #1] I'm Cassandra Talavera or should I say, Cassandra Talavera-Sarmiento. And being his wife is my biggest secret. Published under PSICOM Publishing Inc. Available in all bookstores nationwide for only 150 pesos. There's a special chapter included in the book which is not available here on Wattpad. ...

  • Dreaming Of You- Imperial Realm (Monteverde Series)
    82.1K 3K 45

    "In my Dreams, you are mine. In reality, you are my Dream." - A message from the past... From a complete nobody. To a complete stranger. It started with a dream, fulfilled by a wish, braced by a dream catcher. Prepare to be captivated, be ready to fall. In a place where he is the Law, you're not allowed to...

  • Maid in Disguise (COMPLETED)
    282K 5.5K 16

    Handa ka bang magpakasal sa taong hindi mo kilala? Handa mo bang iwanan ang pamilya mo para matakasan ang iyong problema? O handa ka na bang maging isang katulong para lang makapagtago? Kaya mo bang makipaglaro sa tadhana? Kaya mo bang tanggapin ang mga pangyayaring hindi mo inaasahan? Kakayanin mo bang magpanggap ha...

  • Emmanuel
    3.1K 104 18

    Paano nga ba ang mag-mahal ng totoo? Sukatan ba ang tagal ng pagkakakilala mo sa isang tao para masabing tunay ang nararamdaman mo? Sa palagay ni Gabby hindi, mula ng makita niya ang misteryosong lalaki sa katauhan ni Emmanuel.

  • His Indecent Proposal: Lander Montenegro
    17.3M 438K 33

    She was kidnapped by the mafia prince, Lander Montenegro, at the age of five. She must hate him for ruining her life, pero nang makaharap ni Aviona ang kanyang abductor ay hindi galit ang namayani sa puso niya... kundi paghanga. Paghanga sa kulay asul at walang awang mga mata nito. And despite of the monstrous things...

  • The Wicked Princess
    8.9M 226K 44

    Selene Illy Montebello is a Princess in the making. She was set to be the most sought after bachelorette and a future beauty queen. Undeniably one of the most beautiful at her age. In a snap, people would bow at her, in just a mere cold stare, people would apologize to her. She has everything, beauty, wealth and fame...

  • LOS BASTARDOS Series 2, Lorenzo (Preview only)
    286K 711 1

    Rated SPG some content were not suitable for age under 18 and none-open minded readers. Chapters are deleted. You can read the whole story at Psicom apps. Download the app for free.

  • Day Walkers Series 2, Marcos Navas; The Caustic Devil(Complete)
    419K 12.6K 23

    Marcos was the first vampire grows up in advance technology. He was a son of Marco, the defender of the sea. He is innocent, lovely and natures friendly. He loves to explore and discover the hidden creatures. He loves everything cute and sweet.

  • LOS BASTARDOS Series 1, Alezander (Preview Only)
    338K 835 1

    You can download the whole story via PDF on Psicom App. Download the Apps first.

  • ALPHA 6 : The Billionaire's Forbidden Love
    316K 8.8K 18

    "Love is pain." Story of Drake Simpson.

  • ALPHA 7 : The Unwanted Marriage
    215K 5K 13

    Denzyl Dy Simpson. A billionaire and famous bachelor in town. Not just that, he's also a well sought reality TV host and famous sports model. Hot. Gorgeous. Playboy. He had that looks that any woman would crawl under his skin. But wait, Tama ba ang narinig ko? He married a labandera's daughter?. How the hell it...

  • Working for the CEO (Finished)
    5.8M 108K 47

    Bubbly and fierce, Mariz Ochua, is not a typical secretary. She worked hard and was getting ahead when all of a sudden, the CEO for whom she was a secretary, resigns. Now, forced to work under the mysterious Ezekiel delos Reyes, her life is turned upside down. ***** Mariz Angelique Ochua wasn't born ric...

  • My Faithful Wife
    750K 17.8K 44

    Naging: #1 richkids Anong gagawin mo, kung ang tahimik mong buhay ay biglang ginulo ng isang lalaking ni minsan ay hindi mo nakita o nakasama? Pano kung malaman mo na minahal kalang para makalimutan ang nakaraan? Pano kung napamahal kana at biglang bumalik ang tunay nyang mahal, ipaglalaban mo ba ang karapatan mo...

  • My Brother's Best Friend (Completed)
    547K 10.8K 45

    My brother said, bad boys are not good for me but I say, good boys are no fun.

  • ARRANGED MARRIAGE The Casanova (Under Revision)
    1.4M 36.1K 41

    Kontento na si Darrina Manaig sa buhay niya. May maayos at masayang pamilya, may mga kaibigan at nakakapag-aral pa siya sa pinakamalaking unibersidad sa kanilang bayan sa tulong ng Marciano Rodriguez Foundation, Incorporated. Planado ang mga gagawin niya sa kinabukasan kaya wala siyang panahon para sa ibang mga bagay...

  • The Damned One ( #kikodora #ONEseries )
    250K 7.2K 20

    "The Damned One" by: Kiko Laxa Ferrer Mahal ko o Mahal ako? Litong tanong ni Jhon Kenneth, Sino nga ba sa magkapatid, si Ryca o si Xyra? Genre: Romance, Drama,Torture Official Facebook Profiles Official Facebooks Pages

    Completed   Mature
  • Celeste Brothers #1 - Havier Celeste (Completed)
    1.4M 25.3K 55

    Mia Eleoner Dela Prado is a perfect child. Lahat sinusunod niya. Lahat ng mga gusto ng magulang niya. . . Tinutupad niya. Pero sa likod ng pagiging perpektong anak, kahit kailan ay hindi naging perpekto ang kaniyang pamilya. Their father left them for another woman. At nang dahil 'don ay namulat ang kaniyang Ina sa...

  • My Snatcher Wife IIWYHB-BOOK2 [complete]
    3.6M 65.3K 39

  • Savage Billionaire's ONE NIGHT STAND
    40.6M 970K 92

    Yvette dela Merced wanted to use her beauty and charm to take back Cassiopeia, her aunt's ancestral house, from the owner of the Pratley, Inc. But she did not expect to make a mistake... causing her to spent an eventful night with none other than the Prince of Hell and Australia's richest finance magnate, Phoenix Arth...

    Completed   Mature