Scandalous Affair (...
By AyamiLu
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#StanfieldBook3: Sage Steele Shakyra Noelle Lagdameo wants to know the memories her brain had refused to reveal. Kyra only knows her life as a 22 years old woman-- who was lively and eager to chase her own dreams, away from her controlling father and selfish socialite sisters. Yet she woke up in her twenty-sixth-year-old self, without any hint what her life had been in the gap between. Her psychoanalyst advised her to go forward and live the way she used to. But how can she do that when a large part of her brain was missing? She couldn't completely lead a life feeling incomplete. Like a jigsaw puzzle, that's what her brain looks like-- an incomplete mess. Determined to find out the life her brain had shut out, she quested to look for it and she started with a man with an unforgettable name etched on her brain-- Vaughn Sage Steele. But what if she didn't like what she finds? Could she face the truth and accept it then? Disclaimer: The story is written in Filipino/Tagalog. _________________________ Started: September 2015 Ended: August 2016 AyamiLu © Copyright 2015-2016 All rights reserved.

Scandalous Affair

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by AyamiLu