Mysterious Heart (T...
By AyamiLu
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#StanfieldHeir4: Serena Steele Winter Serena Steele-- heiress to Stanfield Empire-- is the very beloved youngest of the Steele. Oh yes! She relished her fame and basked in her glory. But her childish heart secretly yearns for something magical-- a love that will lead her to forever. But no one is good enough for her brothers. They think men just want her for what she have and use her to climb up to a ladder and get to the top. And some men are not ashamed to show her that she was indeed coveted because of her title. She's tired of those kind of men. Weak, opportunist and coward. Might as well be an old maid than marry for convinience. But on her way to fulfill her promise to her brother, she journeyed in a far away farm with an abandoned castle and found a man who owned a heartbreakingly gorgeous face and a mysterious heart. Killian Draco DeVilla-- the Devil's son. Dark and dangerous. But brave. The man who makes her heart flutter. Can she persuade him without tripping her crown first? Disclaimer: The story is written in Filipino/Tagalog. _________________________ Started: July 2016 Ended: AyamiLu © Copyright 2016 All rights reserved.

Mysterious Heart

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by AyamiLu