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  • Romantic Love Bytes💝 ~ A Random Shot
    77.5K 3.7K 60

    #3 in hotlove 16-5-2018 Hello peepzzz. This is my book so please ignore mistakes. These are just a Love shots and contains highly intimate scenes too. So if you feel comfortable to read than continue but no bashing please. And it's purely my imagination please do support me. Love Byte 1 Go do your...

    3.5K 186 19

    #53 in general fiction 2-4-2017 Yeh!!!! This is it !the moment I've been waiting for..........I'm gonna reach my goal. My only hope to go on with life......" all these thoughts running through my mind, looking up eagerly. at the door for the happiest thing to finally happen in my life. What was I even thinki...

  • Sweet Little Lies
    2.8M 105K 31

    Ajax Preston West III has everything he's ever wanted, all but Harper Morgan. The one woman he's waited for, the one woman he's always wanted. His best friends sister. Taking over his parent's cattle ranch, he's closer to her then ever before. After years of ignoring his feelings for the sake of his friendship he's re...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dangerous Billionaire (DB) (ON DREAME)
    654K 3.8K 15

    Guys this is my first book which have lots of grammar mistake, this book is under editing so please if you are fine with grammar errors than read it, or kindly wait for some time. Highest rank:- #4 in romance 2/05/2017 Won best book cover contest in Wonders Writing Contest BILLIONAIRE LOVE BOOK 1 (Under editing) KAYA...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beyond Best friends❤
    8.2K 760 12

    When things go beyond imaginations, you tend to do things which are out of the question. Same happened with the two MAX and MIA... Relationship of Beyond friendship Beyond possession Beyond hatred Beyond betrayal And maybe Beyond love. ---------------------------------------------------------- Mia George and Maxwell...

  • Gossip Corner
    6.1K 378 11

    Hey dears... Here we discuss about our books gossips and few casual gossips. we will give you sneak a peeks *Smirking Mischievously* of our books and have lots of chat about it. What say? Isn't it interesting :*

  • Stuck In The Maze
    3K 416 16

    I woke up with the terrible headache. I opened my eyes slowly to see myself in the wedding attire and my wedding pictures hanging on the wall with the person I hate the most in my life . "What the hell?? What's happening here??Is this some kind of the joke?? " "No ..N-no... I'm sure I'm dreaming" "No it's not the drea...

  • The Christian Wedding
    2.1K 131 30

    Their marriage announcement(first banns) was made in their church!! The members congratulates them and after the service they both went on a date. After the date he dropped her in her home and he reached his home. After reaching their respective home there was a surprise for both of them which they both din expect fro...

  • The Victim Of His Sick Obsession
    117K 2.8K 14

    It was same, everything. The shattering pieces of glasses over my skin, salts on my wounds, fresh scars of chains and belts on my back, blood covering my body, every torture, every pain, everything. Everything was same since a week. Whole week of being raped and tortured by that man who is nothing but a stranger. That...

  • Fight Me
    37K 1.4K 16

    All is fair in love and war...or revenge. For as long as he can remember, Juan Karsten wanted revenge on Latisha Breckin, a woman he desired and despised at the same time. Not only was Latisha the woman of his fantasies, she was also the one who sent him to prison, blaming him for a crime he helped her commit. And n...

  • Taming The Tigress (ON HOLD)
    145K 5.6K 17

    Meet: Natalie Sarah Williams, daughter of renowned businessman James Williams and Lily Williams, who is a famous fashion designer. Natalie is studying business to takeover her father's company while Her fraternal twin, Rosalie Marie Williams following her mother's footsteps and a famous model in New york city. Natalie...

  • Bewitched Billionaire
    59.3K 2.7K 16

    #12 in Fantasy "I'm a witch" I whispered slowly, secretly enjoying the intimacy of our bodies. He pressed me against his hard body leaning closely towards my ear, his breathing tickling my neck "Do not call yourself that... especially with my baby breathing in that little-curvy-soft-stomach of yours." He whispered ha...

  • If you want, You are in!!
    9.2K 933 121

    #06 in Random Hi Guys!! Want to be a writer in wattpad and afraid whether you can complete your own story or not? So, Here's the solution. This is the Membership form book of book club "Writers Meeting Saga" Please fill it up and email to the following link -- It's a unique Ide...

  • The Boy I Admire From Afar
    76.9M 3.6M 126

    As Claire aims to leave her oppressive stepfamily behind, she befriends Zion. Will he be her ticket to freedom or a distraction in achieving her dreams? ***** Claire Olsen has had a crush on Zion Petrakis since the first time she laid eyes on him, bu...

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  • Billionaire's Heart (CIL series Book 1)
    1.3M 48K 55

    [COMPLETED] #1 in Romedy hot list. #6 in Romance Hot list "Laksh!! I will not marry you....because now....I don't love you anymore!!" Neetu said to laksh and leaves his office crying. "What?" this was Laksh reaction when his soon to be wife trespassed to his office's board of director's meeting and announced her brea...

  • Marrying Miss Devil
    672K 30.3K 48

    # 1 in General Fiction # 1 in Romedy # 16 in Romance "MYTRI... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY HAIR? WHAT HAVE YOU MIXED IN MY GEL THAT MY HAIR TURNED PINK?" -------------------→ "Seshi darling isn't my favorite color pink? So I changed it. You look... hmph... cute?" (with a devilish grin) "MYTRI SESH...

  • Arrogance Meets Serenity
    4.6K 407 41

    Althea Williams a passionate doctor, who wants to help humanity . She is serene and beautiful with morals. On contrary there is charming boy billionaire business man Harry styles who is a flirt and arrogant but deep down he softy and is waiting for his true love. For her humanity is everything but for him position...

  • She Was Broken Beyond Repair
    1.7M 52.9K 60

    [COMPLETED] [Hightest Ranking #3, From 3rd to 6th September 2016] She was an epitome of strength, though afraid of people leaving her, she built walls around her to prevent the hurt and misery. Hiding her true VULNERABLE SELF from the world, excluding her close one's. Until HE came and read right past her BROKEN SOUL...

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    333K 8.9K 50

  • Maid For Him
    11.2M 184K 28

    Angelo knew his mother was trying to play matchmaker when she suggested then paid for his maid service. The only problem was when he laid eyes on Francesca the maid standing barefoot in his kitchen, wearing his favorite tee shirt with possibly nothing under it, cooking his favorite dish, and singing one of his favorit...

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Innocent Smile And His Rutheless Heart <3
    1.5M 36.1K 42

    She was all the way innocent and he was simply heartless. She never wanted to know his ruthless ways. But he wanted to know her in any way.He was like fire and she was like moth completely unaware of his heat. He wanted to burn her in his burning desire but she just wanted to quench him in her coldness. Jake Rodrigu...

  • A Model Mother
    5.7M 102K 26

    After seeing the photograph of Rose with her baby, Lloyd, Miles now knew beyond doubt that he was his son. One day LLoyd would inherit the Seton property empire, a business which Miles's father had created from scratch and which Miles now ran. He was determined that he would take responsibility for raising his son but...

  • My Possessive Billionaire
    79M 1.8M 36

    Sophia will do anything to escape an arranged marriage to the arrogant billionaire, Enrique Monteiro, but he has more control than she knows. ***** Enrique Monteiro, a powerful Brazilian billionaire, has gotten everything he wanted in life. He has l...

  • The Billionaire's Heir
    18.8M 523K 28

    Luke couldn't stop thinking about Bianca Wilson and the night they'd shared. He wanted to find her so he could satisfy the itch to have her again. But he was a man who always kept it simple with women and made his intentions clear to them from the start. Bedding them more than once only made them feel like there was m...

  • The Substitute Bride [PUBLISHED]
    30.7M 878K 36

    He'd just have one problem in life... Nikos Pallis doesn't want a wife. The gorgeous Greek billionaire was notoriously known for having torrid but short affairs. Now his father had just announced that his bride will arrive soon to honor their wedding! His father had arranged his marriage without him knowing it. All Ni...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ruby's Secret
    4.4M 175K 34

    When the prodigal heiress comes home kept secrets were surely be revealed in a matter of time... At eighteen, Ruby St. Clair had run away from home and never bothered coming back again. After her parents tragic death the rebellious heiress had stayed away from the public eyes. Now six years later, she exchanged her gl...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Orsini Bride
    30.8M 880K 42

    Italian playboy billionaire Marco Orsini has a dilemma. With the ultimatum to either marry or get disinherited, he must now find himself a wife before his grandfather's birthday--and he entrusts his fate on one woman to find him the perfect bride. ********** Twenty-nine-year-old Francesa Marcolini never expected th...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Sicilian Marriage [PUBLISHED]
    11.5M 436K 37

    "Let's get married!" Rafe Moretti never thought that the woman drinking alone in a certain bar in London would say those words to him so casually. His instinct told him to ignore the woman's offer and focus to his problem. But series of events happened that fateful night and the paparazzi caught them together entering...

    Completed   Mature
  • Exclusively Mine
    29.8M 785K 31

    After ten years, Finn Martins returns to Brazil to destroy his enemy, though he didn't count on facing the only woman he's ever loved - his enemy's daughter, Nina Peres. ***** After ten years, Finn Martins is returning to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as a...