She Was Broken Beyo...
By Praggya_Sabarwal
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[COMPLETED] [Hightest Ranking #3, From 3rd to 6th September 2016] She was an epitome of strength, though afraid of people leaving her, she built walls around her to prevent the hurt and misery. Hiding her true VULNERABLE SELF from the world, excluding her close one's. Until HE came and read right past her BROKEN SOUL. A miraculous ray of silver lining that proved to be her unimaginable doom. HE was every girl's dream. Got anything he desired for in a click! An absolute jerk, being inconsiderate towards people's feelings. Until he met HER. She changed him for good, unknowingly working her natural charm. Gradually the love blossomed between the two, their world revolving around each other's existence. Happiness was short lived as her truth re-surfaced, this is when HE BROKE HER BEYOND REPAIR. Follow these two on a roller coaster packed with hurt, betrayal, love, and dilemma. P.S. This is my first story. Please give it a tryy:))) Cover By: jan1810 Started: 18th March 2016 Completed: 27th June 2016 I DO NOT OWN ANY PICTURES DISPLAYED THEY RIGHTFULLY BELONG TO THEIR OWNER DO NOT COPY MY WORK OR THE TITLE IN ANY FORM YOU WILL BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY! Errors to be corrected later


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She Was B...
by Praggya_Sabarwal