The Substitute Bride
By sweetblunch
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Sicilian heiress Laila Fiorenza is ordered by her strict father to meet the Greek billionaire fiancé of her runaway twin sister in her stead in order to keep the Fiorenza's prestige intact. But can this prim and proper princess truly shoulder this sham of an arrangement as a substitute bride? *** The sweet and lovely Laila Fiorenza was groomed to be a perfect lady by her prestigious and noble Sicilian family. But what happens when she is given a task of a lifetime by her own father--to pretend to be her rebel twin sister and meet Nikos Pallis, the fiancé of the runaway Leila? Can she truly adjust from her sheltered life in the old town in Sicily for bustling New York as a substitute bride? Cover design by Rayne Mariano

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The Subst...
by sweetblunch