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  • The Time Shadow |COMPLETED|
    13.3K 1.2K 38

    We are humans. We do not know what awaits us. We're tiny, lifeful and protective over things that don't really matter.We are growing, and we are capable of so much more; everyday on the streets, looking at the sky above us, asking ourselves if we're alone in this whole Galaxy. And even if we don't know the answer, we...

  • The King's Desire |COMPLETED|
    26K 1.6K 28

    The TARDIS crashes in Romania, the 19th Century, where they are stuck for at least one week, until the Time Machine heals herself. The two of them are threatened by some soldiers with swords, but in the end, they get to meet the King. What decision will he make and what are his desires? Will they face the danger again...

  • Tenrose/Elevenrose/Ninerose Oneshots
    37K 1.8K 34

    One shots about the Doctor and Rose. Please leave requests:)

  • TenxRose One-Shots
    348K 18K 151

    A series of one-shot stories about the tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler. Updating will be continuous.

  • Paradoxes
    704 62 3

    The Doctor and Rose Tyler have constantly run into paradoxes of all kinds and survived. When one single line that was not supposed to be said is said, what will happen to the pair? What will happen to the universe? (All rights go to BBC, Russel T, Davies and Steven Moffat. The idea of the story is mine, so if you plan...

  • tenrose oneshots :)
    2.5K 88 7

    one time lord and his blonde human (i don't own doctor who, all rights go to bbc)

  • TenRose One Shots
    24.6K 1.2K 19

    TenRose one-shots Normally only fluffy. Maybe other stuff.

  • The Slow Path - (#1 TenRose Fanfiction)
    32.2K 2K 24

    ~Book 1 in TenRose "Journeys" 2 part fanfiction. (The Slow Path ~ Long Way 'Round) Rose is not happy at all when the Doctor left her for 5 hours on an alien ship, all to hook up with the beautiful Reinette. Rose decides to leave, and the Doctor will try everything he can to explain what really happened, whilst she hid...

  • Ten And Rose Oneshots
    2.9K 114 9

    A book filled with one shots about the fluffiness that is Rose Tyler and her Doctor. Cute, fluffy and adorable for all shippers, includes Tentoo and randomness. I don't own the cover, it is just a picture I found.

  • If You Want
    422 36 3

    "I'm part human. Specifically, the aging part. I'll grow old and never regenerate. I've only got one life, Rose Tyler. I could spend it with you, If you want." ~~~ Just a little Tentoo/Rose story I felt like doing. Enjoy, vote and comment.

  • Together Again
    2K 154 25

    Rose Tyler gets a letter from the person she loves the most. Will she ever see him again? Post Doomsday. Keep in mind that I am terrible at summaries!

  • The Story of Tenrose (fan fic)
    36.3K 1.3K 23

    I dedicate this story to every Whovian out there that ships TenRose or TenPetals, whatever you want to call it. Hope you like it! (Cover art is not mine!!)

  • The Queen and the Rose
    23.7K 1.8K 25

    Rose and the Doctor travel to ancient Egypt to find out the secret of a forgotten Queen, but as usual, things do not go as planned and trouble follows them

  • Sinking: a TenRose Fanfiction
    14.9K 970 14

    • • The clock is ticking and the Doctor and Rose Tyler have found themselves on the Titanic. After getting separated they meet some unexpected friends who help them in their search to find each other and get out alive. With less than three hours before the ship will be underwater the Doctor and Rose must find each oth...

  • Time Lords, Kings and Ladies
    42.7K 2.5K 23

    The Doctor and Rose crash in France in the 34th century: a time when the Earth reverts to customs of the 1800s. While they wait for the TARDIS to recover from the crash landing, the King of France has plans no one was bargaining for. •It's another TenxRose Fic. Someone take my phone away!•

  • WISPS OF GOLD (Tenrose)
    2.1K 143 11

    What if Bad Wolf Bay never happened? What if The Doctor never got to say goodbye? What if Rose was never happy again? And what if, there was a cliff.

  • TenxRose: A Fanfiction
    1.2K 55 3

    Hi :) This is my first fanfic, and I hope you will read it and like it! This story is for all of you TenPetals shippers out there. Enjoy the adventure of The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler trying to find each other after they get separated in different universes. When they think they are together, nature takes them in di...

  • I Think You Need A Doctor
    9.3K 424 15

    A cute TenPetals fic that has taken WAY too long to finish in which the Doctor embarks on a mission to find Rose after they are separated. No smut whatsoever, so appropriate for any age. Happy reading :)

  • I Love You
    121 12 3

    Fan fiction about my favorite ship, tenrose. In this story The Doctor is human and of course his name is John Smith! Read this story to see how Rose and John meet and how they end up loving each other!

  • Stars|TenRose
    994 49 5

    This is my first TenRose story and it's pretty short so I would love feedback and comments! Hope you enjoy.

  • Forever Loved (Tenrose Fanfiction)
    15.8K 1.2K 36

    A story about the Tenth Doctor and Rose as they travel through the universe, secretly loving each other but too timid to say so. They visit other planets, galaxies, universes. They go back in time, save the world from Dalek invasions. The Doctor's not scared. He's not scared of anything. Except one thing. Telling Rose...

  • Her Dirty Little Secret (Wattys 2015)
    9.4K 637 25

    The Tenth Doctor finds his way back to Rose in the parallel world and that she is alone. The metacrisis doctor he left her with is gone. But there is something else wrong with the picture.

  • Doctor Who | Tenrose | Sleeping Beauty
    2.9K 165 8

    What happens if Rose gets poisoned and falls into a deep Sleep. Nobody knows anything or can help. Will she ever be able stand up? And will the Doctor finally realize his feelings for her?

  • Ten and Rose Fics
    1K 34 3

    This is a collection of the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and Rose (Billie Piper) Fics that are really amazing and super sweet. Doctor Who is an amazing show and I highly recommend it! Have fun! DISCLAIMER: I did not write (credit to Laura x Tennant {}for writing these) these I'm just making them easier t...

  • Return of the Timelord
    386 18 3

    The Doctor was alone, he destroyed all of the timelords; or so he thought. tenxrose

  • Rose Everlasting ( Tenrose fanfic )
    3.5K 233 15

    This is basically a Tenrose fan fiction where the two might get back together and the doctor might finish his sentence. Disclaimer I sadly do not own doctor who or any of the characters involved.

  • Doctor Who
    50 3 3

    Stuff about doctor who that may be new or surprising.

  • My Two Broken Hearts: A TenRose Fanfiction
    377 18 3

    TenRose fanfic where you can read, cry, cry some more, and then go die of feels...