The Time Shadow |C...
By bluemerry_berry
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We are humans. We do not know what awaits us. We're tiny, lifeful and protective over things that don't really matter.We are growing, and we are capable of so much more; everyday on the streets, looking at the sky above us, asking ourselves if we're alone in this whole Galaxy. And even if we don't know the answer, we still fight. Because that's who we are, Fighters, Soldiers, Police, Scientists. We are people, we are voice who makes choices. But what if the choice you make is not the right one? What do you do then? Do you still fight? Do you accept? Do you fall into the pit of depression? Do you stand tall and make another choice? Another mistake, another path. What do you do then? Rose and the tenth Doctor, once again, have to get through a lot for their friend, Shereen, who by accident, becoms telepathic and it could cause great damage. The Doctor isn't sure about keeping her aboard the TARDIS, but she gains his trust after some time. Rose becomes suspicious. The end of the story, will reveal everything. I do not own the Main Characters; they all belong to the BBC and the creator of Doctor Who. Please do not copy any of the lines (only if they actually belong to BBC), otherwise I can report it to the Wattpad-team. But actually, why would you? We all can use our own imagination, right? All ages +12 are allowed to read this story (it may have some disturbing scenes for children). If you still choose to read it, you read it at your own risk. Thank you for joining me once again through a new adventure besides Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor. If you are already here, you can also check my other works, it would be great and it would mean a lot to me. Now, let's get the party started, shall we? Allons-y!

Chapter 1

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The Time...
by bluemerry_berry